What Makes the Journey of a Chengdu Panda Volunteer Delightful


Sichuan is the home of the major panda population; hence, the paradise for panda lovers is here. The bear was classified as extinct years ago, but the conservation efforts have led to positive turns of events. Their survival rate is up by a significant number because the bases rescue injured pandas from the wild. Plus, mother pandas receive proper care and cubs are born in a safe environment. Eventually, they are released in the wild where they belong. But did you know you could see all these things taking place before your eyes?

Signing up as a Chengdu panda volunteer assures a one-of-a-kind experience. The full-day program begins at 9 o’clock in the morning, but you could always opt for a half-day program. Through the volunteering program, you can learn about the daily lives of pandas. Most importantly, you will visit CCRCGP which is a prominent panda base in the whole world. With professional guides on every trip, you can develop in-depth knowledge of the bears.

In this blog post, we mention the things that absolutely delight every Chengdu panda volunteer. So, let’s take a look below!

Golden Panda Package

To become a panda volunteer, you will have to choose a package. And the golden panda package guarantees the best experience! You can get an expert guide, a private car, meals at authentic restaurants, and China domestic travel insurance.

The benefits do not end here – entrance fees and shuttle tickets are also included. The package is carefully designed to deliver full satisfaction to panda lovers across the globe. But there is more – travelers have the opportunity to request tailor-made day volunteering programs.

Traveling with a Team of Experts

Solo traveling may not fetch the best results when you need to collect a range of information on various things. From the history of panda bases to giant panda bears to cultural heritage sites – you need someone to be there and keep you informed. Without acquiring the essential information, the tours remain unfulfilled.

Not every tour operator can embrace the art of traveling like AbsolutePanda. The team works hard to make sure each traveler returns home with a bag full of memories. Moreover, professionals are cooperative and understand what people need.

For instance, guests can choose the hotels if they have particular preferences. The team makes sure the guest can make a reservation at an affordable rate. Every customer’s feedback is heard and noted to upgrade the experience, continuously.

Engaging Itenary Available

Don’t think Chengdu panda tours are only about the bears. As earlier said, the cultural dose is on point. After visiting Dujiangyan Panda Base, you can go to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System which was constructed in 256 BC. It is a must-visit since the irrigation system is functional even today.

Besides the ancient irrigation system, the tour will take you to Shuimo Ancient Village where you can witness a breathtaking landscape. The village is also known as ‘Longevity Town’ and embodies the architectural wonders and traditional customs.

Of course, exploring in and around Chengdu will leave you with an amazing experience. The slow-paced lifestyle and delectable cuisine will nourish your soul.

The Bottom Line

Signing up for panda habitat ecotour is a great way to learn about the creatures that are a victim of evolution. Nevertheless, spotting the shy pandas near their natural habitats is something you can never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning with AbsolutePanda today!

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