What Makes Office Chair Arm Pads So Valuable?

There are certain parts and aspects of an office chair that are certainly important to you. You want a chair that is the right height. You want the chair to have a comfortable seat. You want the chair to be able to move freely and easily without issue. But you probably don’t give much thought to the arm pads.

Office chair arm pads are actually probably an afterthought for most people. The arms are part of the chair and covered with arm pads for comfort, but they are always the first thing to rip, tear and break apart and seem like a part that will need replacing a lot. So what is their value?

Actually, Office Chair Arm Pads do hold more value than you think. Have you ever actually used the arm pads to rest your elbows and forearms while you work at your desk? You are putting the arm pads to use in the way they were designed to help and you likely don’t even know it. That’s why we will explain today the value that arm pads have to your office chair and when you know it is time to get them replaced.

When you work in an office for hours and hours each week, you need to feel comfortable as much as you can. Most office jobs are typically eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, but in reality, it can be a lot longer and you spend a lot of time each day seated.

Consider this, your days start with an early rise so you can make it to the office on time. Your day probably starts as early as 8 a.m. every day, but really, it starts with you sitting in your car even earlier as you wait out traffic to reach your destination. This can keep you in the seated position for another hour. You also do the same thing at the end of the day when you leave at 5 p.m. and head home, waiting out traffic that can last an hour or more. Even if you are lucky enough to have an hour of break time to escape from the desk and take a walk outside or to get away for lunch, you still add two hours to your eight-hour workday sitting in your car.

There are also many people who work beyond the 40-hour mark every week with overtime and additional work. There are people who take work home and use a home office. There are people who spend extensive hours at the office and before you know it, the 40 hours can turn into 50 or even 60 each week. So comfort is everything and maintaining a good posture is good for your health. So consider that arm pads actually play a role in your posture because they balance your arms properly so you sit straighter.

Yes, it is true that arm pads are often the first thing to sustain some sort of damage on an office chair, whether it is caused by pushing the chair underneath a desk or just from constant wear and tear that may happen as you use it. But it’s also very easy to find office chair arm pads for replacing these damaged parts when you shop at a place like Office Replacement Parts that has everything you need to keep your chair functioning well.

With so many of the top brands in stock and all sorts of parts for your chair and other office needs, this is the obvious choice to get great value and extend the life of your chair with the right parts that will last a long time. So choose Office Replacement Parts and make your chair as good as new again.

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