What Makes Hood Movies Great Cinematic Experiences

Cinema is a form of art that incorporates other forms of art in such a seamless manner that the end result is mostly breath-taking, sometimes evocative and a few times cringe-worthy. You can easily find all types of movies – the good, bad and the very bad ones. When a director’s vision, his storytelling capabilities, the emotive powers of the actors and many other things come together do we get a brilliant masterpiece. Watching it then becomes a cinematic experience.

There are many genres in films, each different from the other. One of them are called hood movies. It is a genre which primarily focuses on African-American youth, their trials and tribulations and their journey towards victory. Hood movies for the first time showed men and women of color in prominent roles in Hollywood and pointed out how they lead a life not merely as a white hero’s best friend or the bad guy. Hood movies show the journey of a colored person who lives in a shaggy, cluttered, noisy neighborhood, has to fight the odds, and finally emerge victorious as the film credit rolls.

What Makes A Hood Movie Good
There are many things that can make a movie good. Things like the script, sound, visuals, characters, acting all play very important role in making a film good. In the case of hood movies, the one thing that assumes primary importance is storytelling and the character graph.

Hood movies always tells the story of the underdog. That’s why it is important that it tells the story well. In this genre you do not necessarily see stunning visuals, breath-taking locales but experience quite the contrast. Narrow lanes, dingy homes, dysfunctional families, evil neighborhood, crime and gore are all part of hood movies. In this midst if the story isn’t compelling or emotive, it will not become gut-wrenching. Even if it’s a simple story, the challenge is to tell it so well that it compels the viewers to understand the pains and agonies of the characters.

This is where acting takes primary spotlight. While the character graph of the protagonist has to be very strong, the actor playing the role also needs to do justice to the character. He has to internalize the pains and agonies of the character, get into the mind of the guy who is trying to get out of his trying circumstances and emerge victorious. These characters mostly have layers that only an intuitive actor can peel. His camaraderie with the director and ability to perceive the director’s vision plays a very important role.

Where You Can Watch Hood Movies Online
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About the author: Jay Eagans is a movie buff who likes to watch movies that tell a story and has a compelling storyline. He recommends sites where you can watch hood movies for free and also listen to top hip hop songs.