What It Means to Have a Real Texas BBQ Rub

You may have heard the term “Texas barbecue” before. It is true that barbecue is a tradition in Texas and it is a specialty of the state. It is also becoming more and more of a focus from the rest of the country.

It is in the Central Texas area, notably the Dallas area, where true Texas barbecue reigns supreme. Texas barbecue usually translates to the Central Texas style of cooking brisket over indirect heat at a low temperature and slow process that really lets the meat absorb the flavor.

The first thing you should know about Texas barbecue is that beef is always at the center. Brisket is a popular choice and Real Texas Bbq Rub is generally designed with beef brisket in mind. Brisket has two specific portions. The flat is the leaner part of the meat and the point is the part that contains most of the fat. The point is loaded with flavor from the fat and is usually the most popular.

Many times, you will find that barbecue joints in Texas like to serve combos, a collection of the different means they make. Brisket is always the centerpiece and no combo is complete without it. You may enjoy ribs, sausage, turkey, pulled pork and many more dishes that are perfected with the barbecue, but brisket is the home run of the group. To get the kind of flavor that can take your barbecue and make it Hall of Fame worthy, you need a real Texas BBQ rub that gets the job done.

What you need is Casa M Spice Co?. The team at Casa M Spice Co? has spent nearly two decades perfecting their spice blends so that each provides delicious flavor that brings out the best in your barbecue, working with the natural flavors of the meat. They want to deliver real Texas barbecue flavor.

A real Texas BBQ rub is not made with any secret ingredients. Some spice rubs will incorporate different spices, but the base is typically the same. Casa M Spice Co? uses salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic, onion and ground chiles as the basis of all of their spice blends.

Using a real Texas BBQ rub is only half of the job. Your barbecue is not complete unless you prepare it in a smoker. So many meats can be placed in the smoker to get a special flavor, not just beef. Using wood is the preferred way to cook barbecue over charcoal or gas and in Texas, oak is the most commonly used wood, though mesquite and hickory are also commonly used.

Making a Texas style brisket is a long process that is well worth the wait when you experience the flavors. But patience is necessary when preparing it. It can take up to 12 hours, maybe even more, to get a perfect Texas style brisket.

Having food with such great flavor is not only worth your time and energy to prepare the brisket, but sharing it with family and friends makes it even better. The thing about great food and great flavors is that it creates great memories. As the summer heats up and there are more family gatherings, parties, barbecues and vacations being had around the country, there will be many memories made over various activities and events. Make those moments even better with the right spice blends for your barbecue and keep your guests talking until your next barbecue.

Choose Casa M Spice Co? for all of your spice rubs to make your barbecue taste better and more authentic to the Texas style that is so famous.

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