What Is Included In Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft NAV is one of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) apps and is a product of the Microsoft Dynamics family. The app is oriented to offer support to small and medium-sized businesses with automation and connection to their financing, sales and purchase management, and customer relationship management. The dynamics 365 business central is the next generation of Microsoft NA. it is often called a new name ascribed to the old product of Microsoft dynamics.

Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central:

With the help of Dynamics 365 business central, you can take your business to a new level and subjugate new milestones by elevating and automation, streamlining, and customer relationship management. Its extensive features provide you with solutions to improve Ecommerce management, customer relationship management, and upgrading logistics for insights into analytics. There are many Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in the UK, who incorporate ERP and CRM services.

The key features are as listed below:

Financial Management
provides assistance in managing and controlling

1- Financial Management: 

It provides assistance in managing and controlling the keys to determining the budget and cash flow. It provides the facility of managing receivables and payables by applying for incoming and outgoing payments and marking invoices to automatically reconcile accounts. It provides the facility to allocate and manage intercompany transactions and analysis of business and inventory costs.

Supply Chain Management
sales order management and purchasing

2- Supply Chain Management:

It also determines sales order management and purchasing process. You can do this by creating purchase invoices and automating vendor’s tasks to the agreements related to the sales order.

Relationship Management
accurate overview of your customers

3- Relationship Management:

Business Central provides an accurate overview of your customers that enable you to take the right step at the right time. With these features, you get access to accurate information about the contacts to target the customers to increase their satisfaction. The information also helps in designing and executing accurate campaigns and managing opportunities.

Human Resource Management
keep the track record of employees

4- Human Resource Management:

Business Central also offers to keep the track record of employees as well as the customers. You can register employees with a particular code and allot the key information to the code. Once you enter the code you will find all the information and their projects.

Service Management
tools to manage and track the services

5-Service Management:

Business Central provides a lot of tools to manage and track the services. These are mainly helpful for those who conduct on-field operations and for crowded customer services. These help you scheduling service calls and assigning service personnel on fields on the basis of availability and skills. It also provides estimates of services and automated services invoices.

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Business central can be customized


From Visually.

The Customization of Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Most people ask whether Microsoft 365 Business central can be customized or not. You can always customize the software on the basis of the needs and requirements of your business. Some of the options to customize are to alter the Design and Personalization modes and you have the ability to show and hide the columns on the page.

One another point to consider is that Business Central is sold with three licensing types, Essential, Premium, and Team members. According to which you can get the features.

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