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A system that allows you to create, store, manage, file, protect, collaborate, search and retrieve digital documents.

Our document management system stores all digital documents in the cloud and provides a solution that simplifies the flow of important information across an organisation.

A good document management solution can help an organisation to centralize and make accessible, all of its files and data from one place, keeping track of all of the important documents, speeding up workflow, improving accuracy and providing access to documents any time, from any place and on any device! So, by choosing our document management system, you will remain ahead of the pack and provide your employees with a solution that empowers them to more work efficiently and effectively.


Why is a document management system important?
Businesses’ create, transform and store huge numbers of digital documents: contracts, agreements, proposals, HR documents, marketing material, quality manuals, health and safety manuals, etc.

These documents are often saved randomly on laptops, servers, the cloud, and other storage devices. You may have files stored in the Cloud using apps like Dropbox or OneDrive, or on your desktop, in email attachments and other paper documents stored in boxes in the basement! So what happens when you can’t find a file you need for your next meeting that starts in the next 5 minutes?

Have you ever wasted precious time searching for a document on your computer, in the paper filing cabinet or in your email and attachments? Browsing through hundreds of folders, searching in your disorganized email inbox, searching through your cloud files and not being able to find that one important document!

A document management system makes the management of electronic files and documents easier, faster and efficient.

There are many reasons to think about if you are considering implementing a document management solution for your practice.

Cloud document management

Cleaning up your laptop or computer
A document management system allows you to save all of your files to one location and then delete them from every other location where they had been stored.

Reduce Paper and take the next step in becoming Paperless!
If your company still uses paper documents, switching to a document management system can help reduce the amount of paper used and wasted and also save money in the form of additional costs of printing, storing, maintenance and filing. Going paperless can save you money but also benefits the environment too! Everyone should be helping the environment these days!


Improve overall Office Efficiency.
If you or any employees do spend a huge amount of time searching for documents, just think what this is costing the business! The task takes resources away from doing a job that makes the business money! a document management system can improve efficiency and free up time!

Our document management system provides a central location for all your Word, Excel and PDF files. It also gives the ability to save client or customers emails to their files making it a more efficient way of your employees being able to review any correspondence between your company and your client/customer/supplier. The browser-based interface also makes it extremely easy for them to access this information from any device, quickly and efficiently. Employees no longer need to take files to meetings; they can just log in to the document management system to see the documents they need.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure
When important business documents need to be kept safe and secure, and easily accessible, the best way is to store them in a DMS. A central location in the cloud to save your documents. All of your documents are saved and backed up using AWS storage. You can also set up two-factor authentication for extra security.

Our document management system comes with numerous features including folder access control, document auditing, version control, and non-admin users cannot delete from the system. By storing your files in the cloud helps ensure these documents can be found easily and can be accessed by the right people at the right time and from any location.

Easy to manage

Search Capabilities
If you have not yet implemented a document management solution, then finding the right document at the time you need it can be very difficult. Our document management systems perform searches quickly and efficiently. Its excellent search capabilities allow documents to be retrieved by any or indexed field, and it can even search content from a file.

Better Accuracy
Our document management system provides all the features users need to manage the creation and any subsequent editing of documents. Collaboration features help users to manage versions, maintain quality and reduce inaccuracies. Features include version control and document annotation, and with document auditing users can see what changes have been made to a document.

Better Accuracy

Reduced Storage & Supply Costs
Without a document management system, and taking in to account the cost of paper, printing, office space, storage facilities, let alone people to manage all this paper, the cost of document creation and management of these documents can be very high

Reduced Storage

Docusoft can help you manage your documents so that you don’t have to worry.

Our software is very versatile and can be adapted to work with any type of business. We are already experts within accountancy, business recovery, distribution and housing sectors.

Docusoft Cloud Filer is our ‘cloud-based’ document management solution. It is an easy-to-use system developed to meet any business’ specific document management needs. Docusoft CloudFileris the most complete solution for paper reduction. It is comprehensive in terms of functionality for document and email capture, search and retrieval, document workflow, user management, and client response. Filing is made easy with Docusoft add-ins for Microsoft that allow you to file emails, letters and other documents directly from the application you are using – Outlook, Word and Excel, etc. Docusoft CloudFiler is designed to make the tasks of managing, filing, searching and sharing documents in the cloud even easier – any time, any place and from any device!

Help your employees to reduce the amount of time these spend searching for documents and let them focus on the things that really matter and offer a more effective contribution to your business’s success.

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