What is Car Service History and How to Find It?

A car service history is a record of a full rundown of the services, maintenance, and repairs your car has had in its lifetime. It also includes regular maintenance records that keep your car in good condition for example changing oil, replacing air filters, and wheel balancing and rotation. If you are looking for the best car service in Birmingham, don’t go too far we got you. We also offer MOT checks by certified MOT testers.

Your car comes with a service book, which is used by the garage to log every annual service, the car mileage, and any work that has been done to your car. This information will be authenticated with a stamp that shows it is valid information.

The comprehensive car service history may also include any receipts and invoices for repair work and other costs. This could give you a history of the car service and help to know which parts have been replaced and when.

Nowadays, with a physical service book, modern cars will also have a digital service log so that even if you lose your service book you can still check the car service history. Garages are now switching to keeping records online and reducing paperwork.

If you serviced your car through the dealership, the manufacturer should also have centralized online records of your car. This gives you to access and verify your car’s maintenance history at any time online.

What is Included in a Car Service?

A car service is a routine check-up of your car to inspect all the components that are functioning properly and top up the necessary fluids. In this process, a mechanic will check the condition and look for any damages or wear and tear, that need to be repaired or replaced.

You should service your car every 12 months or after completing 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. In car service the major components are checked include:

  • Engine, oil, and filters
  • Fuel filter replacement if you have a diesel cars
  • Bodywork
  • Lights, tyres, and exhaust system
  • Brakes pads and steering
  • Fluid and coolant refilling like air-con re-gassing
  • Suspension
  • Car battery
  • Wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation of the tyres
  • Charging port and cable if you have a hybrid or electric car

Why Car Service History is Important?

Regular servicing not only helps you save money in the long run but it also extends the life of your car. In car service, minor issues can be checked and resolved before they create major problems.

Selling a Car

If planning to sell your vehicle you need to have a car service history to show the potential buyers. These service records give confidence to the buyer that your car is maintained properly throughout its lifetime. It also helps in resale value, because everyone wants to buy a well-maintained car.

Buying a Car

If you are planning to buy a second-hand car then you can ask for service history. It helps to know the condition of the car by checking the records such as service intervals and parts that have been replaced. It gives you a general idea if the car is worth buying or better to skip the deal.

Helps in Car Insurance

The full car service history helps with your car insurance policy. For example, if your car had an accident and needs to be repaired or replaced. Your car insurance provider could check your car service history to estimate your car value.

What is Full-Service History?

The full-service history is a complete car service record of all annual service including any work that has been done on it. This includes regular maintenance like tyre changes, fluid top-ups, wheel alignments, replacing brake pads and filters, as well as any necessary repairs.

The car owners don’t need to keep every single invoice and receipt of repairs, but it shows a good sign that your car has been well maintained. It could also show that the car has been serviced by an authorized garage that is approved by the manufacturer.

A full car service history helps to get you better value and a higher resale value if you are planning to sell your car in the future. A complete car service history could protect you from frequent breakdowns and costly repairs while you own the car.

And if the car is still under warranty, manufacturers may insist on a full-service history before they agree to repair under the warranty.

What is Part-Service History?

If you once skipped a service or haven’t serviced your car from an approved garage, you will only have a part service history. If you are planning to buy a used car, then ask for your service history. If you receive a part service record, it usually means some of the documentation is missing or the car hasn’t been serviced regularly.

However, you should be careful when buying a used car with a part service history. It doesn’t always mean that there is a problem in the car, sometimes people lose the paperwork or the garage forgets to fill in the details after a service.

But a Part service history car is less expensive because of the incomplete documentation, so if you are tight on budget and know how to check used cars then it may be a better option to look for a used car that has the part service record. Otherwise, go for the car that has a proper full-service history.

If you are looking to buy a used car, it is better to check the service history, even if it has a full-service history. If you are looking for the best car service then contact us, we offer different services including MOT in Birmingham at affordable prices.

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