What Is An MOT Test And Why Are They Necessary?

The United Kingdom was the first nation to acknowledge that, in terms of road safety, vehicle safety was just as crucial as good driving habitsIn order to assess a car’s safety and roadworthiness, the British Ministry of Transport created a test in 1960.
The test’s title consisted of the ministry’s Currently, all rules, criteria, and practises are under the control of the DVSA, a government organization.

MOT Definition

Every vehicle in the UK that is more than three years old must undergo an annual examination known as an MOT Darlington test (and some vehicles that are older than 1 year)To assess if your car is roadworthy and safe, the test adheres to exacting standards established by the DVSALights, tyres, seatbelts, and emissions are just a few of the many vehicle safety inspections that are usually performed by an MOT test center with DVSA-approved examiners.
The tester, a person authorized by the DVSA to evaluate your car, will perform a thorough inspection during the MOT test to make sure the vehicle is in a roadworthy conditionThe MOT test does not examine the general mechanical condition of the vehicle, therefore it is not the same as getting your car servicedAdditionally, the evaluation is according to the vehicle’s condition on test day; for instance, passing an MOT does not ensure the condition of the tyres six months later.

What Takes Place During An MOT Examination?

In 1960, a simple MOT consisted of only a few quick tests and inspections. It now comprises of several incredibly complex and difficult tests. When a vehicle passes n MOT test, they will issue a typical VT20 certificate. We will give you an advisory note outlining which parts of your car need replacing or fixing if any minor issues are there.
A VT30 certificate that lists all of the problems if the MOT is unsuccessful. Without a doubt, our MOT Shipley experts will demonstrate the root of the test failure. Your prior MOT certificate is still valid, though. You
You are not allowed to operate the car anymore. A partial re-test must get carried out after fixing all flaws. Without a doubt, we can help you in this situation.
Your car’s performance and general health will improve with a pre-MOT check, enabling it to pass an MOT test with flying colors.
The following is a list of an MOT’s components. Your vehicle must be VT20-eligible and pass each of them (and more).

Exhaust and emissions:

It was actually discovered in 1991 that vehicle emissions significantly contributed to air pollutionWe’ll utilize state-of-the-art technology to make sure that your car’s exhaust is clear of harmful compounds like SO2 and COTo ensure that everything is in working condition, experts will carefully examine each part of this intricate system.

Verifying the steering wheel and column:

The steering wheel and column must be in good functioning condition. The car needs to respond quickly. If your car has power steering, we will check all electronic connections and fluids.


Both interior and outdoor lights must operate correctly. Many contemporary vehicles come standard with DRLs. Our MOT Shipley will identify and address any problems.
Seats, mirrors, and seat belts are all important safety elements. They ought to be completely functional and damage-free. Your vehicle will struggle if you don’t in the exam.


Check for considerable corrosion or other damage.


The horn of the vehicle must sound loud enough to alert other motorists, but not so loud as to exceed the DVSA-set decibel limit.


Batteries, ECUs, wiring, and circuits all fall under the umbrella term of “electronics,” which is comprehensive.
We will check the MOT history of the car to see if there are any lingering problems before we start our tests.
Windscreen wipers and washers: These parts must always run without a hitch to guarantee good visibility.
Visibility or safety cannot get compromised by a cracked windscreen.
The wheels and tyres’ dimensions, state, safety, and tread depth are all examined.

Is An MOT on Your Car Due?

The test will establish whether your car complies with all applicable environmental and road safety laws. You will face legal consequences if you continue to use public roads after your MOT has expired. The only situation in which this rule does not apply is when you are driving the vehicle to a garage for scheduled maintenance or an MOT testBy scheduling your MOT Darlington in advance, you can ensure that you won’t miss your test date and save money. MOT prices vary depending on the garage, so this is a great way to ensure you get a cheap MOT.