What is a Home Tutor? About the features , explain the difference from school! 

There may be some people who are considering a tutor as part of making their children study. Home Tutor Lahore is an educational service widely known worldwide along with cram schools, but the price market and differences from cram schools are surprisingly unknown. 

Tutoring is an educational service that teaches you to study at home.

 Depending on the family’s wishes, I may teach at a relative’s house, cafe, family restaurant, etc.

 The primary users are children from elementary school to high school. It is also suitable for early childhood education because of the high degree of safety of “studying at home.” In addition, working people may use it as a “re-learning.”

Type of tutor

There are two types of tutors: student tutors and professional tutors.

 Student tutoring is mainly done part-time by university students and vocational students.

 On the other hand, professional tutoring is what working adults do as a profession. From here, let’s take a look at each feature.

■ Student tutor

The good thing about student tutors is that they are close in age to the children, making them easy to get along with.

 It is also advantageous to convey the “real world of today’s students.” Especially if your child is a student attending the school of your choice, they will tell you various information about that school.

 On the other hand, compared to professional teachers, their teaching ability is inferior due to their inexperience. In addition, many teachers do not know much about examination information.

■ Professional tutor

Many professional tutors have been involved in education for years and have higher teaching abilities than student tutors.

In addition, since they are well-versed in examination information, they can receive qualified advice regarding their career paths.

 In addition, professional tutors are also reliable for parents. Based on his extensive teaching experience, he can provide various consultations other than studying.

 If you “hate studying and don’t want to sit at your desk,” “cram schools and other tutors didn’t work,” and “want to improve your grades and pass the school of your choice.”

 , then a professional tutor is for you. Recommended. On the other hand, the fee tends to be higher than that of a student-teacher.

However, if you are a tutor, you can receive guidance from a professional tutor at a reasonable price!

What are the benefits of tutoring?

①: One-on-one teaching

 The most significant merit of a private tutor is that it is a one-on-one class.

 Unlike group classes at schools and cram schools, it is easy to ask questions to the teacher and have them carefully explain what you don’t understand. Especially if you are a professional tutor, you can go back and study across grades, so even children who hate studying can steadily improve their rates.

②: No extra pressure

 Tutors mainly study at home, so unlike cram schools, there are no other studentsIn other words, it is an environment where unnecessary pressure is not applied.

 Many children of all ages cannot concentrate when there are people around them. For such children, the tutoring style of teaching is very suitable.

③: Flexibility in various ways Comparing

 To schools, there is a great advantage to being a Online tutoring Lahore.

 For example, it is possible to make up the instruction on an inconvenient day or change the instruction content to focus on weak subjects before the test.

 In addition, tutors can be used as “cram school support,” and you can reinforce what you did not understand at the cram school with a tutor.

④: Parents and teachers can communicate regularly. Parents and tutors can communicate

 regularly, which is a good point that cram schools do not have.

 Especially in the case of professional tutors, parents and guardians are often close in age, so you can feel free to talk to them about your worries about everyday education.

Disadvantages of tutoring

①: a disadvantage of a tutor is that it is challenging to uniform the leadership and the administration. Experienced professional tutors can guarantee the quality of teaching to some extent, but student tutors should be aware that teaching ability varies significantly from person to person.

②: less information about exams. It can be said that tutors provide less

 information about exams compared to cram schools.

 This tendency is particularly noticeable in the case of students and teachers; in some cases, they only have information that can be found on the Internet.

③: fewer opportunities to relatively measure your academic ability

 An environment where no other students can also be a disadvantage.

 Since there are few opportunities to measure one’s academic ability relatively, it is necessary to take mock tests regularly.

 And if your child is competitive, staying motivated can be difficult because they don’t have friends to compete with.

But! You don’t have to worry about a lack of teaching ability or exam information if you’re a tutor.

 All the alphas are professional tutors, so they have excellent teaching skills and a wealth of exam information.

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