What is a Full Exhaust System?

Exhausts are a significant part of vehicles. The exhaust system vents the gasses and provides a favorable environment for the engine to perform efficiently. It is due to an accurately working exhaust system that enables a motorbike to gain more horsepower and fuel efficiency. But with time, the exhaust system becomes lethargic hence impacting the function and power of the engine. Many people do the modifications to the exhaust systems to culminate the problem in exhaust systems and boost horsepower. Replacing stock exhaust, which the manufacturers of bike fit, can be replaced with an aftermarket exhaust is one of the modifications. There are two types of aftermarket exhausts; Slip-on exhausts and full system.

What is a Full System Exhaust?

It is one of the aftermarket exhausts that replaces the stock exhaust from the header to the muffler. It is slightly more expensive than a Slip-on exhaust. If you install a full system exhaust, you are required to provide a tunning solution for optimizing fuel to air ratio. Full system exhaust is a great substitution for long-distance riding and for drag racers who like to ride their motorcycles on full throttle.

If you are up to replace a stock exhaust with a full system exhaust, you have to make sure that you choose a brand that provides good exhaust technology. Also, look for a light-weight and hard-wearing material like titanium and stainless steel exhaust pipe. Scrutinize the fitting and welding of the exhaust system so that they are able to tolerate extreme temperature and pressure.

Benefits of a Full System Exhaust: 

There are many benefits of a full system exhaust due to which they are a popular modification to motorcycles.

1- Improved Power:

A full system exhaust increases the performance of motorcycles in two ways. First, the light-weight of exhausts helps in reducing the overall bulky weight of the motorcycle. It sheds almost 20 pounds of weight which ultimately increases the performance of the bike. Secondly, the more efficiently the exhaust system expels gasses from the bike, the more efficiently exhaust will escape from the engine cylinder. It provides more space for fuel and air intake, in other words, it optimizes its breaths. The efficient performance of the exhaust system and engine cylinders ultimately boost the engine power.

2- Fuel Economy: 

Another benefit of a full system exhaust is that it provides fuel economy. A better performing bike means improved mileage, thus improved fuel economy. A motorbike that covers 5 miles on 1 gallon of fuel with stock exhaust may cover 7-8 miles on the same amount of fuel, with a full system exhaust. It means that a full system exhaust will lead the engine to consume little amount of fuel.

3- Better Sound:

The ultimate goal of core bike lovers is its buzzing sound. The smart and sporty sound of the bike may lead many people to fancy the rider. However, the sound can be tailored to personal choices. And you must be careful of the standard noise limitation set by your state.

4- Better Aesthetics:

Hardcore motorbike fans also desire the enchanting appearance of their bikes. Full system exhaust manufacturers make them in a variety of styles and designs that are aesthetically very appealing and charming.

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