What Happens When You Damage A Leased Car?

Car leasing has become one of the most popular services that people avail. I would say it is a smart way of having a car to drive without taking hefty loans from the banks and making a downpayment. Though you do not own a car this way, you can, at least, temporarily have a mode of transportation if you are on a tight budget.  It is better to grab one of the cheap car leasing deals than living without a vehicle. Car leasing is as house renting; you make an agreement for a particular period and pay monthly rents. Another responsibility and a condition of the deal say that you have to return the car in the original condition you borrowed from the company.

Outcomes of Damaging a Leased Car:

The outcome of damage to a leased car is a penalty of money. When the deal terminates, the car is thoroughly inspected, and you may get charged for damages. The damages for which dealers charge are tires, windshield, scratches, and bumper. The number of charges depends on the severity and potential of the damage to the car. But you need to know the things before returning your leased car if you have done damage.

1-Small Damage:

If the damage to your car is considerably small, you can fix it on your own. Small issues can be scratches, dings and dents, tires issues, and weather-related damage. Do not ever return your car without fixing these problems as you will be charged lots of money. Repair them on your own if they don’t cost much. If you have car insurance, it will easily pay for the repairs and maintenance, so rely on that rather than returning a damaged car. But always remember that negligible dents and tread wear are not going to be as big of a matter for the dealers.

2-Big Damage:

The big damages include big windshield cracks, falling off a bumper, and mechanical issues. If that is the case, you will be probably charged way lot than you can imagine. So you will have to get them fixed before you return to the dealers. A windshield replacement can charge you approximately two hundred to three hundred to over thousands of pounds depending on the car model. For such damages, you will have to pay the dealers the cost in any way. And for minor mechanical problems, you can consult a mechanic for the inspection and their repair. In this way, you will be able to save some on the charges related to mechanical damages.

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3-Car lost/ Out of repair:

The third type of damages is the one which you cannot fix by any means. The leased car may have been stolen or completely damaged in a car accident. In both cases, you cannot do anything but go to the dealer and ask for the penalty of heavy fines. In an accident, if you are able to prove that the reason for the accident was another person, he will be liable to pay for it. But if not, you will have to pay it yourself, or your car insurance will do if it is full coverage insurance.

Bottom Line:

Car leasing is one of the easiest ways of having a car or van to drive. But it brings responsibility and conditions which you cannot violate. If you damage the leased car, you will be fined for it. Therefore, it is significant to take care of it and do regular maintenance checkups. Also, it very recommended getting full coverage car insurance so that it comes for rescue if you are grounded in an unexpected situation.

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