What differentiates a luxury house from a comfort home?

Kolkata has transformed into a megacity beyond anyone’s expectations over the past few years. Currently, Kolkata is one of the most advanced cities in India. In the new luxury bungalows near Sonarpur, you can live in the best possible environment.

The majority of home buyers are opting for luxury residences since their purchasing power has expanded in recent years. However, judging a house based on its amenities and services is quite difficult. So, what is the definition of a luxury home? And how do you pick the best property?

Today, every realty developer provides conventional amenities that will be of little use to those seeking anything spectacular from their fantasies.

Here are a few things to keep in mind  before buying a luxury residence:

● The location

The most crucial element to consider while searching for a home is the location. In large and booming cities such as Kolkata, people continue to prefer older and prime areas, where there is rarely enough land for the construction of a decent residential complex.

However, if a new project is to be created in any of these places, the cost estimates become absurdly exorbitant. Due to a lack of space, some developments in these areas may not even be housing societies, but rather freestanding projects, and simply possessing a property in a desirable location does not make it a luxury residence.

The majority of luxury row bungalows in Kolkata are situated in a developing neighborhood, but very few of them are equipped with many amenities that would be helpful. Living in a developing area in a luxury home is better than living in a premium location with an average home.

● The area/space

Among the boasting points, builders in Kolkata make when they claim to construct a luxury project is an area they are offering in a house. The space reserved for every house may be more than that of the other projects, but it wouldn’t make sense unless the partitions are distributed smartly.

If you look at most common projects, you’ll see that they feature a large living room and a smaller bedroom, giving the impression that the residence is larger when you first go in.

It is sometimes the case that the balcony or one of the bedrooms is very small. These factors are because the dwelling is constructed to be convenient for developers and to be cost-efficient for them. We cannot call this a luxury home, but a comfortable house.

A ‘large house,’ on either hand, will have evenly dispersed spaces throughout all the house’s parts. Although such a layout may not appear to be the perfect home, it is unquestionably the most efficient use of space and a long-term benefit.

● The amenities

There are several amenities in the deluxe row bungalows, including a swimming pool along with the deck, an air conditioning gym, indoor games, a stepping water feature and many more. A luxury home would have a few additional extras, but everything would operate fine.

● The specifications

Specifications provided in a property are some of the most crucial criteria that are sometimes disregarded by many individuals when purchasing a home, simply because they are insignificant. Can a doorknob or a washbasin tap truly make a difference? Yes, it certainly will.

You should be counted on above everything else in a luxury home. The window treatments and doorknobs, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures should be of high quality. The quality of a home is frequently buried in plain sight, yet it is easy to recognize. With so many people bragging about how fantastic a project’s facilities are, the essentials/important aspects are sometimes overlooked. Don’t get wrapped up in the frills; instead, look for the worth in what’s being presented.

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