What Components Complete the List of Essential Fire Alarm Parts?

To buy notifier fire alarm parts, first the buyer needs to have a basic idea about the different key components that make a fire alarm system. Here’s all you need to know about them.

A fire alarm system constitutes multiple parts, each playing a specific role in ensuring the efficacy of the system for fire safety. As per the law, any commercial and residential building needs to have a compact and well-functioning fire alarm and security system. It is there to make sure that the residents and the people moving in and out of the building remains safe in an event of a fire accident.

An efficient fire alarm system is quick to detect the smoke or heat and raise the alarm for quick evacuation of the building. With the alarm being raised on time, it also becomes easy for the concerned authorities to reach the place on time to arrest the fire.

So, when installing a fire alarm system in a building, you need to buy notifier fire alarm parts that are of superior quality, because their efficacy directly impacts the functionality of the fire alarm system. On that note, let’s do a quick review of all the essential components that come together to form a complete fire alarm system.


This is the heart of the fire alarm system. When a fire happens in the building the sensors placed in different zones detect the smoke, flame, or heat and send a signal to the control panel which triggers the initiating device. In the case of a manual fire alarm system, the personnel detecting the fire manually trigger the system sending a signal through the control panel for the device to raise alarm through the building.


As the name clearly suggests, a fire alarm initiating device is the part that triggers the alarm in the event of a fire accident in the building. Now, there are manual alarm initiating devices and automatic initiating devices.

Manual alarm initiating devices are available in two varieties. The fire alarm pull station is predominantly used in the USA and Canada. However, in Europe, Asia, and Australia, they use manual call points. The pull station comes with a lever, which one has to pull down during a fire accident to raise the alarm. On the other hand, the manual call point comes with a button, which needs to be pushed to trigger the alarm. In both cases, the lever and the button remain encased in a clear cover. Since these manual initiating devices need human intervention, they need to have proper markings and be installed in high visibility places that are easy to access.

The automatic initiating devices come with strong detection sensors, which detect the smoke, flame, or heat inside the building and raise the alarm automatically.


The notification device notifies the people inside the building about the fire, alerting them for evacuation. There are different types of notification devices with a variety of call sounds like bells, horns, chimes, etc.

The other essential devices attached to the system are:

  • Alarm monitoring device
  • Remote controls
  • Display panels
  • Exit lighting
  • Sprinkler system
  • Voice communications system

However, the availability of these devices may vary from one fire alarm system to another.


The efficiency of the fire alarm system is as good as the devices installed. So, make sure you get the best simplex fire alarm parts for your building’s fire safety. For affordable refurbished fire alarm parts, check out the offerings of the Fire Alarm Depot today!


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