What are the key features of truck wheel locks?

Trailer wheel locks are quite handy and it can be used for boat, car, truck, RV and any other kind of vehicle that you may have. These locks have become very much important because of the security that it provides. There are a lot of advantages of using the best heavy duty wheel locks like easy operation, soft coated, comes with unique keys and much more. For example, the fifth wheel trailer lock wraps around the kingpin of the trailer to avoid theft.

Features of heavy-duty wheel locks for your truck:

If you want to buy the best heavy-duty truck wheel locks, then you should check out the features of the wheel locks. You should always consider the features of a wheel lock in order to ensure that it fits the wheel of your trailer/car/truck properly.

  • Visibility of the Wheels– Different people have different reasons for using wheel locks. The best heavy-duty truck wheel locks are either colored in yellow or red to make it visible. You may not use wheel locks for protecting against theft but you may use it for locking your trailer or vehicle. In this manner, you can let others know when your wheel is tied up. You will find that most of the manufacturers color the wheels with red or yellow.
  • Wheel locks are easy to install– The best fifth-wheel trailer lock is one that can be disassembled and reinstalled very easily. The flexible clams make it easier to reduce and extend the grippers according to your requirements. For example, the brace trailers are folded out so that you can easily place it in between the tiers.
  • Sturdy, strong and durability– No matter whichever wheel locks you choose, the investment has to be something that will allow the wheels to stay longer and function more effectively. The best heavy duty truck wheel locks are one that can withstand strong conditions. Most of the manufacturers keep in mind that the trailer wheel locks are exposed to different weather conditions because they are used outside. The manufacturers of the quality brands make the wheels of materials that are durable and should be made up of materials that can resist different weather conditions. Weather-resistant materials have to be used so make sure you choose the right one!
  • Wheels locks are lightweight– There are wheel locks which are made up of two materials like metals and plastic. The trailer wheel locks should be light in weight and placing it shouldn’t be a workout at all. If you prefer something hard and strong then go for the metal ones. Nobody wants to carry a wheel lock from the garage and drag it to the actual place. Certain weight will be there but it shouldn’t be so heavy that it becomes difficult to carry.
  • Should be coated with protective layers– You will see that the fifth wheel trailer lock or the wheel locks are coated with protective layers. A wheel shouldn’t deface when you place a trailer wheel.The wheels are coated with protective layers to support the wheel force while installation. The coating has to cover the entire wheel and the materials used for cushioning this force is plastic and rubber.
  • Comes with unique keys– The wheel locks are available with multiple keys which allows you to keep one with you and the others in the cupboard in case you lose the first one. This ensures you an extra security for your vehicle.

The key features mentioned above are some of the reasons why these wheel locks have become so crucial and high in demand.