What are the documents required for buying an apartment in Kolkata

The process of buying an apartment is equal parts exciting and troublesome. Exciting because you initiate the process of getting your new home and a tad bit troublesome because it does involve a little bit of running around in order procure all the documents and legal permissions. However, if you have knowledge about the documents required and have an attorney by your side to help you throughout the process, things can definitely become a lot more streamlined.

experience, I have understood that most people find it very difficult to arrange the right documents required for buying property in Kolkata. This gave me the idea to put together a list of documents required to buy an apartment.

Documents required for buying an apartment in Kolkata

The Building Plan:

Whether you are looking for affordable apartments in South Kolkata or a villa or bungalow in any part of the city, as soon as you like a property, you must ask for the building plan. This blueprint contains all relevant details regarding the property layout, hardware design as well as the various utilities that shall be a part of the property. The buyers must ensure that the complete structure has been approved by the municipal body of the area so that there are no disputes later on.

The Mother Deed: 

This document helps in tracing the ownership of the property way back up to thirty years. This document helps the law makers and banks determine whether the builder has genuinely procured the property so that no disputes related to the construction can arise in future.

The Sale Agreement: 

As the name suggests, this document comprises all the details related to every step of the property purchase. It is in this document that you can find explicit details about the payment plan, the property lay out, the amenities offered along with the apartment, the possession date as well as any terms and conditions that may have been mutually agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. This document is thus extremely important from a legal stand point too.

Encumbrance Certificate: 

This document is actually a declaration as well as a proof of the fact that the property is free from all legal liabilities. You get this certificate from the sub-registrar’s office within 15-30 days of applying for the same. You need to fill the Form 22 and submit the same along with a Rs. 2 stamp paper, the documents which may have been specified in the form as well as the purpose of applying for the same. If you plan to take a home loan, this document is something that the banks would always want to see.

Completion or occupancy certificate: 

This is another important document given by the municipal authorities once a certain residential apartment is completed. This certificate is given only after the municipal bodies have carried out thorough inspections and are satisfied that the building complies with all the rules and regulations in place for such residential constructions.

Therefore, as you go about searching for affordable apartments in South Kolkata, North Kolkata or any other part of the city, always remember to ask for the relevant documents right in the beginning in order to avoid unnecessary hassles at the time of applying for the home loan or registering the property.

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