What are the Benefits of Paying Your Installments on Time?

Direct lenders or even banks offer loan deals, both for short as well as long terms when the borrower agrees to repay the total amount within a specific time.

Considering that 12-month installment loans that UK residents opt for, the total loan amount along with the interest has to be paid by the borrower within 1 year. The total amount is divided into monthly installments so as to make the repayment easier. So, one has to ensure that the lender gets the amount on time every month or you can get loans from  RBL Credit Card. Benefits to do that are:

1. Good credit score

When you respect the loan deal by depositing the due amount every month, it helps your credit score to develop. In case you don’t, there can be negative effects on your credit.

2. No Added Monetary Penalties

Apart from just the negative financial remarks, in case you default on any payment, your installment could be subjected to penalties resulting in paying more than what you had actually signed up for.

3. Save Yourself from Debt Trap

Once the total repayment goes over your maximum limit to repay it, you would be recommended by the best loan and financial advisers to take another loan, preferably a debt consolidation loan so as to overcome even 12-month loans for bad credit.

This alternative could help you minimize the financial damage that has already started because of you not being able to pay your monthly installments but once you get involved in taking another credit to repay the last ones, your ability to take further loans could take a big hit, and in the worst-case scenario, you could get stuck in a debt trap.

4. Easily get Loans in the Future

Once you have a decent history of paying your monthly installments on time, the future lenders will be assured of your credibility through your track record. This would make it much easier for you to apply and get a loan approved in the future!

So, it is recommended that you always opt for the loan amount that you can pay off comfortably. As installments provide comfort for loan re-payers, at the same time, a bad financial decision could put you in serious jeopardy. So, choose wisely!


Unemployed Britons must be searching for an opportunity where they can handle the loan period with some peace of mind. Therefore, leisure time has started because direct lenders are providing instant loans for unemployed to start businesses like proofreading jobs to make easy money. On that note, it is important to understand the reason behind the stress of an unwaged person thinking in terms of a loan matter. Loan applied from any aspect puts you under the obligation to return the amount and why not? It is important to return the favor no matter how hard your situation is.

Do not worry about the stress of returning the amount. Now the direct lenders have shifted towards the online procedure where they allow the borrower to set a repayment mode of his own.

The terms asking to set up own repayment mode, is true or not?

The information regarding the feature of setting a payback mode on our own is 100% pure and authentic. If you are not convinced regarding the concern of the authenticity, you can read the following terms and conditions of any lending firm.

Does this rule apply for a bad credit score as well?

Even if a borrower has a low credit score then also he can avail the term of setting the repayment mode on his own. A lender understands that a borrower must get full space to grab the chance, which can help him towards the improvement of his or her credit score. In addition, that loan can suffice the requirement of a borrower with the lender’s financial solution.

What is the criterion of a lender?

A borrower can avail of any kind of loan under different circumstances. For that, a lender only requests an assurance to get instant approval. The eligibility is:

  • An unemployed borrower can show income proof from any source to avail of the service.
  • A residential proof can count the credibility of a borrower as a risk-free borrower (change place to place).
  • For an average credit borrower, a soft credit check norm can sanction the amount from lenders’ firm.


The hurdle of returning the amount is over because the direct lenders are providing loans with an amazing feature of self-design online repayment mode. Therefore, a direct lender on bad credit score is a call for improvement to crease the crushed path for new projects.

Summary: lenders hold a reliable factor with it when it comes to providing personalized deals on the 12-month installment loans. Apply now and get major financial benefits.