What are Benefits of Electronic Document Workflow Automation?

Electronic document management enhances document-driven processes, improving productivity and business process insight. Benefits emerge rapidly as documents and other business content is directed automatically to the right place at the right time – improving collaboration and maximising efficiency throughout an organisation.


Instead of discussing why an organisation should automate its workflow, let’s discuss a few benefits of document workflow automation that will help you decide when you need to automate your workflow.


  • Reduced Need for Manual Labour and Save Time

    Workflow automation provides team members an opportunity to work in a more streamlined way. By automating a document workflow, reducing manual intervention and labour interaction in a workflow process, the job is done faster; workflow tasks are completed accurately and quickly. The automation of workflows also allows employees to focus on more rewarding duties and consequently improve productivity.

  • Fewer Errors

    When automating data entry tasks in a workflow, manual data entry errors are reduced.  There is less chance of work being routed to the wrong person or tasks being missed out. Applications such as Electronic Document Management System that allow workflows to be created and implemented do not make mistakes! Any errors occurring in a workflow are more likely to be introduced by human interaction.

  • Improved Communication

    The automation of a workflow process is not only about mechanising the physical tasks but also encompasses tracking intermediary steps and communication between those involved. Workflows can involve many team members and therefore communications at each step need to be clear. Including workflow instructions to define what is recorded, when and what needs to be communicated is as important a part of the workflow process as the actual task itself. It improves communication between team members and ensures transparency and visibility of the workflow steps and can provide the means to resolve any problems that may arise