What are 3 social media marketing strategies?

Some people like to work alone. They don’t like to talk about what they do, and often times that’s because they’re afraid of looking stupid in front of others or because their project has not been proven successful. Social media marketers understand the importance of networking and relationship-building with other social media marketers and business owners. So read on if you’re interested in learning more about three social media marketing strategies:

1) Organizing a local Meetup group for social media marketers [or whatever your topic is]. If you’ve ever been to an entrepreneurship seminar by Daymond John, then you know how much value there can be in getting together with other entrepreneurs in your area and share ideas, network and help each other out.

The problem with these seminars is that they only last for a few days and then everyone goes back to their lives. That’s where organizing a meetup group comes in; it’s relatively easy to do and you can have multiple events per month to connect with other entrepreneurs in your area. Just go here to find an existing Meetup group in your area if you’re not up for doing this by yourself just yet!

2) Start blogging [if you aren’t already]. This is probably the easiest social media marketing strategy because all it takes is consistently putting pen to paper fingers to keyboard? If writing isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it! Social media marketers know how to come up with blog ideas, and can even learn how to write in no time at all if they’ve never done it before.

There are tons of great places to share your blog posts on social media; Facebook is the most popular by far (and probably the easiest place for new bloggers to start), but there’s also Twitter, Google+ and all sorts of other niche-specific social networking sites out there that you might want to consider in order to gain more exposure. Blogging helps you gain authority within your niche market because people will be able to see your previous work when they search for something related to what you do.

3) Build a landing page [to get more traffic]. Google doesn’t have time or space on their search engine to show every single website that someone searches for. As a search engine, Google is searching for websites that are the most relevant to your search query and displays them on their search results page.

Landing pages can be used in order to get more traffic because they’re small and specific enough so the purpose of it isn’t lost when searched for. You can use landing pages to sell things like ebooks, software, or other information-based products so if you’re looking for more leads/sales then this would be something worth considering!

If you felt inclined after reading this article, please feel free to leave me a comment below with any feedback or questions you might have about social media marketing strategies such as these.

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