Ways toward streamlined HME billing operation

Are you struggling to obtain a decent ROI in your HME billing? Managing streamlined system and accounts receivable and recovery taking ages for your practice? Are you falling short of resources to handle HME billing requirements? Then, worry no more you are not alone in this. Today, the best option for your organization to see a profitable ratio is to outsource your HME billing from an experience RCM solution and Sunknowledge Services Inc in fact is the best solution so far. 


What makes Sunknowledge the ideal solution to manage your HME billing? 


With the main objective to ensure seamless billing transactions while recovering funds as quickly and efficiently as possible, Sunknowledge today guarantees the highest productivity metrics in the industry. 

Saving your operational costs by 80% which is rare in the industry and also helping your practice in improving the cash flow, Sunknowledge is known for catering to all your billing needs in no time. Taking care of all your billing headache starting from dealing with data management, authorization, insurance, collection analysis, write-offs, bad debt reviews, and ratio analysis and more, Sunknowledge ensure that all HME providers are being correctly reimbursed. 

Avoiding issues related to claims denial and delayed collections, partnering with Sunknowledge for our HME billing minuses the administrative strain on your healthcare organizations. 


In short, working for more than 15+ years in the industry now, Sunknowledge not only understands the client’s requirements with ease but also provides the services accordingly. With dedicated resources billers and certified coders working constantly, the expert constantly works on improving pending claims, initiating collections and also tracking outstanding receivable balances so you do not miss out money on the table. Offering you customized reports to trace the reasons for claims denials and other loopholes, the experts are constantly working on improving your revenue generation.  

In fact, today sunknowledge has a list of 100s clientele with a track record of the highest productivity metrics without compromising on the standard in the industry. 

So if you are looking to improve your HME billing ROI, we are the perfect RCM solution providing round-the-clock support for 365 days without any holidays.