Ways to dominate Google in 2019 using SEO, A/c to an SEO expert


SEO is a significant part of every website holder and digital marketer. It totally determines the acceptable level of business among its potential consumers. SEO considers multiple factors that work together towards achieving dominance in Google search results.

With continuously fluctuating algorithms of Google, it has become necessary for SEO experts to update the websites as and when required. What tricks and ways would prove helpful in dominating Google through SEO in 2019?

According to an SEO expert, here are 6 significant ways to dominate Google in 2019 using SEO-

Finding out Audience Requirements

What does the audience want? Visuals or reading, this is an important point to consider before deciding on the kind of content a website would upload. A well-developed website with exact optimizations and facts usage may fail in appealing consumers because it is doing it all for the wrong audience.

The content along with keyword phrases should also involve the answers to the questions that consumers have asked via Google searches.  Do a thorough Keyword search and find out the targeted phrases of websites like yours.

Page Speed Matters

The website loading time has become a determining factor in Google rankings. The time taken by a website to fully load its content on the desktop has grown to be a ranking factor in Google’s search results.

The errors and glitches making website slower should be taken care of and possibly eradicated says SEO expert in London. Speed as an SEO factor is new for all, yet it needs to be achieved efficiently.

Work On Technical SEO

Apart from creating unique content and marketing it on various platforms, SEO in 2019 requires improving technical factors as well. For example- Google demands sites to run using HTTPS, this will ensure that the site is secure for users. Along with Page speed, there are other technical SEO’s as well, mentioning a few:

Website Architecture- The simple and easy to navigate websites, with least element of confusion receive higher rankings by Google.

Involving relevant Snippets- Rich Snippets are additional pieces on website delivering information to searchers and is identified by Google in ranking the site.

Create Exceptional Content

Content has been a crucial matter for Google in ranking the sites. It demands content with exceptional knowledge and facts written in them. Instead of updating the website with a blog every month just for the sake of adding content, will not show any results, unless you upload meaningful content with answers to most desired questions.

Google delivers rewards to all those sites providing quality content to its visitors, 2019 continues to be demanding the same.

Improvisation of Mobile Pages

Every website with the aim to soar higher rankings in Google will have to work on its mobile version as well. Google has started to rank the websites as per their adaptability in mobile phones along with desktop or laptops. If a website runs well on the desktop but reports multiple glitches in its mobile version, the SEO rankings will suffer.

People widely use mobile phones to make searches, in fact, the use of mobile to make searches is more than the desktops, provided such scenario Google must look for sites with mobile-friendly experiences and rank the same at higher positions.

Domain Factors

A domain starting with target keywords has an advantage over other websites with no keywords or in between the domain.

If your website is an exact match domain with the targeted keyword, it will boost the ranking as well, yet with EMD’s one must ensure that website has quality content and elements updated in it or Google’s algorithm will declare it a fraud.

SEO is a crucial tool of digital marketing that is used immensely to achieve top rankings in Google search results. People rely on the search engine, most popularly Google to find answers to every big and small question, with such huge trust, Google takes a lot of factors into consideration before ranking a website at the top. One must ensure that SEO is performed in a rightful manner to achieve top rankings or else the results won’t be satisfactory.

Apart from Google, SEO can also be performed on Amazon to gain traffic for an e-commerce website. Amazon receives more than 51% of consumer searches for buying of goods, so if your product ranks higher in Amazon searches, it will be beneficial too for business. Google is continuing with its algorithm changes so you need to move along with these changes too.

About the Author:

Aditya is a seasoned digital marketing consultant with more than 10 years of experience in search marketing.