Ways to Achieve Success with Your Trade Show Kiosk

Making preparations for a trade show, especially if you have never been to one before, can be a little intimidating. You only have one chance to make a first impression with people attending a trade show and you want to get it right, but you have no way of knowing what exactly will work.

There are always steps you can take to be prepared and better position yourself for success at your first or next trade show. Today, we will review how you can achieve success with your Trade Show Kiosk.

Make Your Booth Look Good – Whether you have a portable trade show kiosk or a full-sized booth with a counter or table, make everything around you look professional. If you have a table, use a tablecloth over it to go with your display. It is something simple that you can do to continue to promote your brand and company logo.

Have a Presentation Board – If you have room to conduct a presentation, either by demonstrating your product or showing imagery on a display board or screen, set up something that gives people visiting your booth another visual. People will be attracted to visuals within your booth, whether it is a backdrop or display walls that are branded or a multimedia element that enhances your presentation. If you choose to have a presentation, make it as creative as possible and include the company information and logo where you can while keeping it visual.

Use Video or a Slideshow – If you have a screen as part of your presentation, use it to your full advantage. People may be more willing to watch a video or see a slideshow instead of just watching a presentation with some visuals on a display behind you. These are attention-getters that can bring more people to your booth and a lot of this equipment, like TVs or display screens, can be rented. If you can add more multimedia to your presentation, the more likely you will capture the attention of people who may just be passing by.

Have a Template for the Company Name – For people just starting out at trade shows, you may not have a big budget for materials and custom printing. Create a custom template for the company name that can be placed on a variety of materials to create your own signs and backdrops. This template can also be used for when you can afford materials for custom printing on a trade show kiosk or other materials.

Offer Giveaways – Your presentation is going to be mainly about your business and products, but it should go beyond that and just be interactive to people at the trade show who may not be looking for what you are offering. Give them a reason to remember you with a giveaway through an interactive element of your display. Have visitors play a game for a prize or spin a wheel to win a giveaway.

Promote and Be Welcoming – Use social media to your advantage when promoting your booth before and during the event and pay attention to people who are passing by your booth. Always be welcoming and offer visitors a friendly greeting to get a conversation started. They are stopping for a reason and want to be interested in you and your business, so be friendly with them to give them a memorable impression.

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