Ways of Protecting Vehicle Paint

That stunning shine of your car, it needs to be protected. When you buy a car it looks so amazingly clean and shiny, it is impossible to get that look back once it gets lost over time. Just like any other part of your car, the body also requires proper care and attention without which all shall fade away. The car’s body covers all the important machine parts inside and protects them along with providing presentable appearance. This makes it more important to take good care of it.

Moreover, the appearance of your car shows how caring and serious you are about your vehicle and what kind of a personality you have. This is a common phenomenon that we all participate in, judging the owner of the car by the look of his vehicle. A well-maintained car shows signs of an organized personality which gets inverted otherwise. If you are interested in caring for the body of your car, then there are mainly two ways for that, use of paint protection film or ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film?

The application of a thin urethane material over the whole body of the car for protecting the paint is what we know as a paint protection film. It is a transparent material which is easy to apply on the exterior surface of the car. This is a means to save the paint from fading out, getting damaged or scrapped off and other kinds of harms as well. When the car is out on the road, no one can say what it shall face and so being a responsible owner of your car you need to be prepared for anything.

Ceramic Coating?

This is another way of protecting your car’s paint. Ceramic coating involves the application of a liquid form of polymer over the factory paint on the car surface. This polymer then gets evenly attached with the paint which results in the creation of a hydrophobic surface and a strong protective layer. This hydrophobic surface is a very good thing since it does not allow the outside dirt and debris to sit on the vehicular body and bond with its paint at all. Naturally, this keeps the car surface clean for a long time and washing it is also easy.

Which Is Better?

If you are thinking which shall be better for your car the Car protection film Birmingham or the Ceramic Coating, let us see to it. These two things have different functions and protect your car in two different ways although the main objective is the same for both, that is to provide paint protection.

Luckily, if you want you can get both and there is no need to choose. The combination of ceramic coating and protection film is an ultimate solution for saving your car’s paint. Let us see how it works. Firstly the paint protection film shall be applied to the most vulnerable parts like the bumper, side mirrors, and rear-wheel arch, etc. that are prone to scratches and chipping. This film is capable of it and not the ceramic coating. After this, the coating shall be applied to the whole body paint which allows it to bond with not just the paint but the protection film too. This creates a much guarded protective layer. The ceramic coating keeps the paint from getting affected by chemical etching as well as stains; also the protective film will remain free from dust and dirt. Together, this dynamic duo of protection helps your car to remain clean and shiny for a long time.

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