Waterfront Gourmet Has the Breakfast Catering Menu That Will Make Your Meeting Perfect

Many morning meetings don’t work out. But, why?

It’s not because meetings are boring. Well, some can be. The main reason staff members in meetings began to doze is that companies don’t recognize the importance of providing their workers with healthy, nutritious snacks to choose from during these events. They try to scrimp on the costs by filling everyone up with prepackaged snacks and cheap coffee. Don’t be this kind of company. Instead, choose Waterfront Gourmet for Breakfast Catering Near Me . When you do that, you’ll have a conference or business meeting that’s a success.

You see, we have a delicious selection of sandwiches and snacks that will satisfy every guest, even if they have food intolerances, or follow a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, or other low carb eating regimen. What we’re trying to say is that we can help you create the kind of menu that meets every dietary concern. More importantly, we can help keep that meeting within your budget.

The fact is, if you’ve selected a venue for your event that’s outside of your workplace, that can get expensive. Yet even if your event is occurring in the conference room in your building, it can still be kind of pricey if you’re trying to feed a big group of people. That’s why many companies try to save money by serving drip coffee and stale pastries. Sure, that is inexpensive, but then they wonder why their staff is less than enthusiastic to begin their day with a meeting. So basically, companies save money on a meeting that no one wants to attend or listens to while they are there. Which means they’ll probably have to have another meeting which means they didn’t really save.

Don’t do this. If you want your workers to pay attention then you’ve got to give them something that will wake them up, so serve them some breakfast catering near me from Waterfront Gourmet. We do an incredible breakfast because we’ve got the most delicious breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and paninis around.

Who can refuse a breakfast burrito made with premium cheese, eggs, salsa, tomato and avocado? Or a breakfast burrito heavy on the cheddar cheese, bacon, ham or sausage. Then there’s our veggie bagels and the classic whitefish or lox variety. We really do have something everyone will love. When you serve that with fresh brewed Bali Bean coffee, everyone will be happy and ready to start talking about work.

That’s how you have the best meeting ever. You let Waterfront Gourmet take care of the catering. We’ve got breakfast catering near me covered. Our collection of snack trays is the best in the city. We’ve got desserts too, like our seasonal fresh fruit tray or serve them some delicious cakes, decadent brownies, cupcakes, cookies, or chocolate-dipped pretzels. When you do that, you’ll know that they’ll be saying this was the best company meeting they’ve ever been to.

So you probably want to know how you get starting with breakfast catering near me at Waterfront Gourmet?

You just have to check out our catering menu at WaterfrontGourmet.com. If you see something you want (and we’re sure you will) just contact the Waterfront Gourmet location nearest your event. Or stop by. We’re in University City, Roberts Center, Dilworth Plaza, and on Penn’s Landing, and we just can’t wait to see you. While you’re here, we’ll make you the most delicious sandwich, soup, or salad. We just can’t wait to see you so we can help get you started on planning the most perfect work seminar ever.

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