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Bond Arms is responsible for introducing some of the most innovative designs to the market for concealed carry and superb firepower. Specializing in providing small frame handguns in an array of very capable chamberings, Bond Arms has entirely lifted the bar when it comes to compact size and actions that are nearly indestructible while remaining unimaginably reliable – exactly what you would want from your concealed carry handgun. Of course, it’s pretty nice that their portfolio of massively capable derringers and semi-autos stray to the side of aesthetic excellence as well.

When you’re looking for Bond Arms Products For Sale, you’re going to come across a wide suite of intensely tough, reliable and customizable derringers in a bunch of calibers. These firearms set the bar for an action that can be more or less drowned and dragged through the mud and still perform while at the same time bringing you the ability to conceal them in ways that other larger revolvers or slide actions would make impossible. A model like the Bond Texas Defender in .357 Magnum is a fair representation of the excellence you will encounter from Bond Arms products. This model is compatible with Bond Arms other interchangeable barrels, making it easy not only to keep a spare set on hand but also to switch between cartridges as necessary. With a cross-bolt safety and trigger guard for added measures of security, this gun and other derringers from Bond Arms epitomize 2 round reliability. It also offers a crazy slim profile and the barrels come in at only 3 inches, able to be carried in a surprising number of concealed configurations. Similar models include the Ranger, Roughneck, Patriot, and Backup, bringing additional calibers to the table and each a perfect representation of the superiority you will find when you search for Bond Arms products for sale.

Of course, there are times when you would prefer to have the security of additional rounds or the versatility of a semi-auto on hand. You wouldn’t want to have to compromise on your ability to conceal and carry easily and comfortably, and in true fashion, Bond Arms raises the bar here as well. The Bond Arms Bullpup brings 9mm power and a total capacity of 8 rounds to a frame barely larger than the Bond Arms’ derringers – and smaller than some. Truly innovative, the Bullpup has a barrel length under 3.5 inches – hardly extending beyond the trigger guard and sliding past the grips to the rear. The result is a handgun that brings capacity rarely encountered in a frame of this size. An aluminum frame and rosewood grips make the Bullpup not only strong but light – and attractive. It’s the perfect semi-automatic compliment to the derringer actions found at Bond Arms.

So the next question then is where will you easily find all of these Bond Arms products for sale, along with holsters and replacement grips for these and other models? At G4G Guns, where it’s never been easier to shop for the products you need for the range and the outdoors. Not only will you find all of these Bond Arms firearms and others, but you will be able to easily navigate across portals that feature compatible items, parts and other accessories such as holsters and ammunition. Not only will you find the Bond Arms products you’ve been looking for, but you will find essentials for the range as well as the gear you need for hunting, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits. The next time you need to find that Bond Arms handgun you’ve been considering, head to to find it.

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