Veteran And Skilled House Clearance London Services At Your Place

What is meant by house clearance?

TDLJ Removal Ltd is a team of experienced and friendly members that give House Clearance London services. Making sure to do a job perfectly and strictly obey all instructions of the customers to sort their satisfaction level high.

The house clearance is a process in which all the households are removed with care from your house or building.

How long does it take for house clearance?

It may take a whole day and more depending on the amount of the furniture or other households.

Does everything is included in the house clearance services?

Yes, the good firm will honestly provide this service by removing every little household.

What do you mean House Clearance London?

The house clearance London means the services are specified for the residence of London. You are living in any part of London you can ask for the service.

How do the house clearance services cost?

Usually, the house clearance services cost many dollars, but if you hire a well-reputed and honest firm they come with amazing prices. And calculate the cost based on the number of items.

How can I choose the best firm that is giving excellent house clearance services?

To select the best firm you need to visit their website and review the comments of old customers either recommending or not.

Our House Clearance London Services

TDLJ is firm with a small team but making effort to the job beyond the expectations of the clients. A family business run by family and friends members together. Working hard since 2018 to make our clients happy and grateful with services. You can get the finest house removal services without upsetting your pocket. The team will be on your door with just a call.

The services include the removal of everything from bedroom furniture to kitchen accessories. You can also get the packaging services to pack you all house stuff. The container we use to place your expensive material is fully safe.

House Clearance is done for all properties and all shapes and sizes of the furniture. The team has no concern that how large or huge the furniture is we will do it for you. The services include removals of large pianos or heavy sofa sets. All electrical items and cutlery. Even you want the removal for your personal stuff like clearing wardrobe and clothes.

Our policies

Before getting services from any firm or business you need to know about their policies or terms about jobs. It is not only good for the corporation but also benefits the client.

Like other companies, TDLJ also has some terms and conditions from which you need to go through.

As per pandemic rules by the Government, the team will keep the distance of 2 meters.

To avoid any misapprehension the team will remove all households after the customer packed them. And when the team will find themselves in a safe zone they start doing the job.

As per customer demand, the firm can provide packaging services, and get everything in the boxes with complete care and surety.

If you want packing material like a container, boxes or other you can request for it. And the team will bring them to you before starting work. Whatever your demand is, just be aware of the team and will make every possibility to take it to you.

What we do

The company keeps updating the terms and conditions taking on covid-19 coronavirus rules as per Government guidelines.

There will be no face-to-face meeting before anything gets done. If you want to ask or inform about anything the company can do a phone call or video chat.

The company assures your safety and before any team member comes to your house he will go under the test.

Also at the time of work the team will come in a proper PPE kit taking all coronavirus precautions.

Same precaution we also demand from the patron to take. If any fellow of your house has the symptoms of Covid-19. You should inform us that it will be good for both of us.

If any person in the team has symptoms, the work will be done after making sure that we are safe or the whole team will get replaced.

At the time of the move, all members should not be present in the house only the owner or one person can ask the question from a safe distance if it is needed.

These are our policies of the firm that we strictly follow and aspect the customers they also follow to avoid any mishap for both parties.

  TDLJ history

The company has been started in 2018. And with experience working on company policies and services to grow.

Every fellow of the team gets training from the business persons.

The firm is working hard to deliver the best of the best services to the customer so we fell for long-term relationships.

If you have further questions or queries you can contact us via the phone number or the email customer support team will respond to you instantly.

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