Vertical Blind Features That Make Them Versatile

Decorating a house is a new and exciting adventure. With such a wide selection of window treatments available, choosing a blind is quite the experience. Most blinds are fashionable, highly functional and have an attractive aesthetic appeal. However, when it is about selecting a window treatment matching functional requirements and design preferences, it becomes a daunting task. Some people choose different kinds of shades and blinds for different rooms while some look for window dressings that match all room décor.
Is there any blind that matches well with both doors and windows? Yes, there is! The best choice will be vertical blinds because they fit well with windows and doors. They easily create cohesion among all rooms and blend perfectly with any design ideas. These blinds are extremely popular in commercial setups, like hotels and offices. Similarly, they are also very effective in homes.

Why are vertical blinds so versatile?

  • Light Control 

Like any other window covering, vertical shades can provide a certain amount of light control. Since their slats are parallel and are also slightly bigger than horizontal shades, vertical window treatments can effectively block light. Even when these blinds are open, the bigger panels provide more flexibility on light filtering. 

  • Privacy 

Along with light control, vertical shades also provide greater privacy. The bigger slats of these shades obscures the outside view. Moreover, these blinds can maintain ventilation of a room even when the outside is dark. All you have to do is just tilt the slats and correctly position their angles in such a way that they can obstruct the view while allowing the breeze to enter the room. 

  • Insulation 

Large vertical panels help with the room’s insulation. The best vertical blinds can cut down energy bills. When closed, the slats of this blind sit upon one another, leaving little gap between them. This ensures that you have better insulation inside the room than what is provided by horizontal blinds. Heat-reflective materials are also available for vertical slats. Slats of this material reflect heat that falls on them, whether they are opened or closed.  

  • Style 

Design of vertical window treatments are very attractive and are sure to catch your eye. The elegance and sophistication of the best vertical blinds blend beautifully with modern and traditional décor. The vertical design matches the gracefulness of curtains while the slats provide flexibility of movement which cannot be obtained with curtains.

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