Vaubel Designs: Impressions Unlike Any Other

Think of your own personal tastes as the paints and your finished style as the painting on the canvas. Coming up with a unique look takes creativity, perception, planning and more. Moreover, it takes the finest materials available to come up with a finished look that is not only moving but original as well. Sometimes you can stand on the shoulders of giants, but more often than not you need to rely on your own senses of intuition and creativity to come up with an image that is truly amazing.

Times like that call for the best in Vaubel Designs. The work of the ingenious artistic talent of Steve and Anita Vaubel, Vaubel Designs are some of the best-known examples of jewelry in design and fashion today. Their pieces have been not only widely acclaimed but also have found a home in the repertoires of international superstars like Oprah Winfrey, Cate Blanchett, Martha Stewart and more. The secret to the success of Vaubel Designs? Well, there isn’t one secret, but a part of it is due to their vision and the power of buzz.

Take, for example, some of their unique earrings as an example of the power of buzz. A pair of earrings like their Gold Clip Earrings are truly unique and inspiring on a number of different levels. Consider the fact that so many designers have created pieces of jewelry that are nearly impossibly complex and multifaceted in their character. Sometimes this is accomplished through an artful mixing of different designs spanning color, culture, medium and more. Some examples of Vaubel Designs, like, for example, these Gold Clip Earrings, achieve an intensity of appeal, of character, through very little stylistic complexity. How can this be?

Well, it starts, in part, with the stylistic simplicity. It is interesting to note that sometimes the most powerful words and images are the simplest. This is somewhat due to the fact that it takes great weight of substances to substitute the lack of composition. Where a thing is innately heavy, it takes little material to make it up. In plain speech, some of Vaubel Designs’ most interesting pieces are so interesting specifically because they seem to be so simple.

There are no details to confuse you in appreciating these Gold Clip Earrings. There are no confusingly intricate gemstones to numb the fine senses of acuity. There is only bright, burnished gold, and even that has left a little of its luster undiscovered. They are not overwhelmingly mirror polished. Rather, these earrings are burnished, perhaps brushed, to fine but not mirror polish, leaving you to wonder what else remains under the surface.

The result is that the viewer spends what might almost be called an inordinate amount of time in reverie or reflection over such a piece of jewelry. When you spend so much time analyzing, parsing and ultimately appreciating such fine points of design they leave a great impression on your memory. It’s impossible to forget such a style after seeing it executed so smoothly. When such an impression is made you might even be inspired to find a similar piece for yourself. That is the power of buzz. The jewelry impresses, the market stirs, and a name is made. That’s the type of style you can expect in Vaubel Designs.

Perhaps more pointedly, their Gold Clip Earrings are literally only one of so many different designs that you can find bearing their name. For example, at Love My Swag, you can find many more wonderful examples of the imperturbable sense of style that Vaubel Designs can breathe into its jewelry. If you want to own that style that only the finest designers can offer you, then visit today and pick it out for yourself.

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