Quick and Easy guide to valley of flowers national park Himalayas

Valley of flowers is an impressive and vibrant national park of India lounging in Western Himalayas. Nuzzled in the arms of Himalayas, this alluring destination is well-notorious for its rarest and worth seeing Himalayan flora. It is worth visiting this destination at least once in your lifetime and explore the beauty of nature settled in one frame. The charming meadows of alpine flowers are the rarest flora of the world that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Artistic with an assorted assortment of endemic Himalayan flowers, it is indeed a picturesque view. This beauty of nature is also an abode of some endangered and rare species of animals. While travelling to the valley, you may spot footprints of snow leopard and Asiatic Black deer. Chances of seeing Rare animal species such as musk deer, blue sheep, brown bear and red fox are high. Whether you get to see such species of animal or not, it will still be an amazing journey of your life. 

High in the supercilious Himalayas of the region of Garhwal extensions this enchanting Valley of Flowers National ParkIt is believed that the lord Hanuman collected “sanjeenvi Buti”, is the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. This destination has running streams, gorgeous milieu of the mountains and floral meadowlands. While travelling to the Valley of Flowers, you will get to cross so many rivers, waterfalls and bridges that end up to the deep, dense and dark alpine forest. 

Here are some interesting and important facts about the Valley of Flowers National Park 

  1. National Park: This beauty of nature declared as the national park of India in 1982. 
  2. World Heritage site: Valley is declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2005, July 14.
  3. Location: In the region of Garhwal of Uttarakhand, near Badrinath.
  4. Best time to visit: July and august 
  5. Entry fee: For Indians Rs. 150 and for non-Indians Rs. 650. 
  6. Entry Timing: 7 am to 5 pm 
  7. Opening date: 1st June 
  8. Closing date: 4th October 
  9. Total time needed to explore the destination: About 7 days. 

Travel Tips to the national park of India 

The total approx. the time needed to explore the entire valley of flowers is 7 days for the journey to trek you will need about 3 days- one day to Ghangaria from Govind Ghat, one day to explore the valley of flowers and another day to return the trek. The total time required to complete the trek also depends on the stamina and strength of the travelers. 

Ghangaria and Govind ghat starts getting full with the crowd in the months of July to September as Sikh Pilgrims visit there on their way to HemKund which is a Sikh sacred shrine situated at the highest altitude in India. So, it is way much better idea to book your accommodations and travel package early. If you want to spend more days in the arms of Himalaya then you can too visit the Hem Kund.