Vacuum Sealer

What exactly is a vacuum sealer? Basically, it is a machine that seals plastic and sandwich bags by pushing out the oxygen out of these bags. Thus, the shelf life of foods like sausages, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables is extended. A vacuum sealer keeps leftovers longer because it keeps the moisture away from whatever you pack inside one of these bags.

Yet, not all vacuum sealers are the same. There is the External Clamp Vacuum sealer that uses clamps to seal the end of these bags. There are special bags/pouches designed that can be used with the External Clamp Vacuum sealer brands. However, these can be ideal for home and even commercial use at times. There is also the Retractable Type of vacuum sealer that functions by using a nozzle to remove the air before clamping or sealing it. Most of the Retractable Nozzle Vacuum sealers do not need “special” bags or pouches. There is also the Chamber Vacuum sealer that is mostly used in the bigger food industries. These work by using stainless steel containers that are manufactured with a seal bar for sealing the bags. Air is forced out from these containers during the vacuuming. After vacuuming, the bags are sealed and put in standard (usually flat) vacuum pouches. This also allows products that are liquefied or gel-like to be sealed into bags or pouches. Most Chamber type vacuum sealers are used with the conventional flat pouches.

There are also vacuum sealers for coffee or tea bags. This allows sealing both the top and the bottom so that the bags are airtightly sealed and protected enough so that they do not lose their flavor. Though there are several vacuum sealers available in the market today, the most advisable type to choose is what is called the “pillow pack” type. This pillow pack type can completely take away the air but they manage to keep the bag inflated so that the food inside still looks fresh and whole. This is possible because some food manufacturers also use inert gases like carbon dioxide or nitrogen in the bag.

Whatever your choice may be, remember that 40% of food in America is wasted. At a time when world resources seem to be dwindling and half of the global population lacks food supply, it is best for every family to do its share in saving food (and their budget) by purchasing one of these portable vacuum sealers in the popular market. One of the best vacuum sealers is the Foodsaver System Vacuum sealer. Another good vacuum sealer is the SINBO manufactured by Snorkel. There is also Food-Vac that uses channel type pouches and Fast Vac which is also great for commercial purposes.

Vacuum sealers are a good investment, even for the home. It’s great for storing food and even vegetables for the winter. It helps a family cut considerable food wastage (and food budget). Purchasing a vacuum sealer certainly will help ease the recession angst and help you eat and stock the food you want.

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