Used cars for sale in New Jersey at Shocking Prices

The automobile remains a basic necessity in our highly mobile society. But inflated costs for raw materials and labor, coupled with the additional expense of meeting government anti-pollution and safety requirements, have made the prices of new cars skyrocket beyond the reach of many Americans. It is no wonder that used cars outsell new cars by three to two.

Unless you’re rolling in cash, you are probably wise to drive a used car. A good alternative is used. From an economic perspective, you are better off because it can save you thousands of dollars. Taking better care of your current car usually makes much more sense than trading it in for a new car.

The cost of repairs will never exceed the cost of a new car. Changing your oil, replacing brakes, belts, and hoses are nothing compared to monthly payments on a new car. Even a costly repair like rebuilding an engine if necessary is cheaper than all but the cheapest used cars. However, when faced with major repairs even the most frugal car owners will begin to wonder if it is time to get a newer car.

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