A Compressive Guide to your Urgent Care Billing Services by Sunknowledge

In urgent care billing, the front end plays a major role in achieving a seamless billing operation. However, in a medical billing operation be it HME, DME, orthotics, prosthetics or even urgent care billing, etc; maximum mistakes and billing errors cause are due to improper font-end management process. According to a recent report by the Change Healthcare 2020 Revenue Cycle Denial Index, about 11% of claims denial rose last year itself. And most of the reasons for the denial claims were the result of mistakes made at the front-end progression. In urgent care billing, most of the foremost conversation revolves around internal processes. This is why Sunknowledge brings an excellent opportunity offering seamless urgent care billing operation at a cost-effective rate.

Sunknowledge a superior operational extension for your urgent care billing :

Taking care of all critical roles that are involved in revenue generation through proper data management, direct doctor’s office follow-up, claims to process and accounts receivable, etc; our experts deliver an unparallel solution for faster urgent care billing reimbursement. Avoiding all the long processes of denials, follow-ups, data re-entry, and rework on the complete patient billing, we mitigate all your stressful experiences. Ensuring accurate cash flow while working towards more recovered income from claims that would have otherwise been denied; our experts ensure a 99.9% accurate rate. With rigorous follow-up and checks, we also help in 80% of operational cost reduction.

Working on achieving a successful billing operation along with faster reimbursement by streamlining patient contact and data collection methods, our expert can spot errors effortlessly.

Providing an end to end solutions and giving patient interaction and patient care the first priority, we are a one-stop cost-effective destination with medical billing solution that offers faster reimbursement. Fishing for more information? Call us for a consultation to learn how you can partner with us in order to optimize your patient experience and access processes via RCM. So call us right away for a no-commitment call.

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