How Sunknowledge Reduces The Risk in The Urgent Care Billing Process

It is no secret that a sucessful revenue cycle management is very essential and is responsible for all your reimbursement and lowering your administrative costs. And it is only possible if you have the perfect team of experts working for your practice. But with the present situation and crisis, obtaining the perfect team that suits your requirement is a real challenge for many practices as medical billing and collection staff have among the highest rates of turnover in the US.

In fact, as healthcare practice have to operate on thin profit margins with dwindling resources and the rising cost of healthcare, the struggle is becoming more real for many practices in maintaining a seamless billing operation while ensuring better patient access and patient experience while keeping financial success and wellbeing of the practice. Thus leading to outsourcing of the medical billing process.

Assisting you to achieve a better bottom line, outsourcing your medical billing operation is quite common in the U.S now. As it takes your complete pre and post billing responsibilities such as Sunknowledge Services Inc which is a leading RCM solution catering to complete billing solutions starting from HME, DME, CPAP, infusion, orthotics, prosthetics, urgent care billing and more.

Being a cost savings and better solution for your practice because of a superior and experienced team of expert, streamlined processes, cutting-edge technologies, billing software efficiency, outsourcing in fact is the key.

The Sunknowledge advantage for your urgent care practice:

Reducing your concern about administrative work that involves data entry, insurance verification and accounts receivable collections, Sunknowledge experts ensure a better success ratio with a 99.9% accuracy rate; saving time and money in the process. moreover, we offer only $7 per hour for our services that are considerably less expensive than hiring an experienced medical billers and certified coders and then training them for your practice. In fact, reducing your overhead expenses like insurance, salary, other employment benefits, training costs; our experts work on decreasing your operational cost by 80%.

With 100s of excellent industry references across the US, we focus on tailored customized solutions in order to help you enhance the other important area like patient care through eliminating the administrative workload and hassle associated with urgent care billing. Taking care of the end to end process of data entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization, claims, and AR collections we aid our clients in minimizing organizational silos.

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