Unveiling the Mystery Behind the COVID 19 Private Number Plate

For a few months, there is a sensation going on related to a mystery behind a private number plate displaying COVID 19. It was seen attached to a BMW that was deserted at an airport. That number got more attention after it was posted on a re-sale website.

In February, a grey colored BMW 5 Series Sedan was spotted for the very first time at Adelaide Airport. The number plates that were fixed on it displayed COVID 19. It was just before the declaration of the Corona Virus outbreak as a global pandemic.

It was so unusual that it created a lot of doubts among the people. The number plates were thought as a part of conspiracy theory. After that, the airport staff contacted the owner of the car and the respective person confirmed that the plates were interstate.

The COVID 19 plate is listed:

COVID 19 plate

A re-sale website named Mr. Plates has listed the plates along with all reasonable offers. But, as per ABC, the officials of the state transport have banned the plates showing COVID 19 from being placed on private registration number plates.

There are many public members who have opposed those plates since their issuance on March 5. The transport department of South Australia asked for an apology and stated that the particular number plate passed the process of approval by mistake.

Again, ABC heard from the department that DPTI has placed a block on the specific term ‘COVID 19’. Any type of variation won’t be given permission for registration.

The incident in details:

incident in details

Steven Spry, a worker of Adelaide Airport spotted the grey Sedan with the particular private number plate. He said that he believed the vehicle was parked there since the month of February or even before that. As per Mr. Spry, the airport workers had noticed that a car has been parked there a few months ago. But, they saw the number plates after the cover of the car blew off in the month of April.

As per the speculation, it is revealed that the private number plate is owned by a long-haul pilot who went in foreign and failed to return. Besides, in the meanwhile, new mysterious footage was seen in which the car with the number plate was plying on Burbridge Road and West Beach on 24th March.

A video was captured by a driver named Dan Parfitt who posted it on social media. He told ABC that he, after noticing the unusual number plate took a Snapchat video and never thought of it anymore.

From February 11, the name COVID 19 is in use along with the disease that was cited as a novel coronavirus. It was before the declaration of the pandemic. In South Australia, private number plates take almost 10 days for arrival.

Another C0V1D Number plate:

C0V1D Number plate

A Honda was spotted sporting an attractive C0V1D personalized number plate. It was driving around Auckland. The owner of the number plate said that he meant to give tribute to a friend who fortunately got recovered from the deadly virus.

Daniel, the owner mentioned that he got positive feedback of the personalized number plate. He also said that while he was driving around Auckland, strangers frequently waved at him to get a glance of the number plate or get a video or photo of the unique plate.

As Daniel said he decided to add a bit of humor and whenever people take a glance at it, they start smiling. He quoted in relation to the tribute to this friend, “One of my friends, he actually has recovered from Covid-19. It was a big deal for us … and it was a really sad time for all our friends.”

Two more vehicles have been found to carry private number plates displaying the word COVID as ‘COVID’, and ‘COV1D’. These plates were taken before Daniel placed an order for his number plate. Then, there is a red number plate with words like ‘Corona 2020’ placed above and ‘19’ placed below the plate numbers. The plate comes at $1200.

However, any standard personalized number plate costs around $999, as per Daniel’s words. He added more colors and words and he paid extra for the decoration.

Therefore, the mystery related to the private number plates showing COVID 19 that is creating a hype in the world of the internet has been revealed in this article.

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