Unleash Your Style with Unique Table Lamps for Sale at Worlds Away

It’s no secret that the way you light a room will drastically change its shape and form. Good lighting placed in strategic locations is crucial in setting the tone for a room, but it isn’t enough to only consider the placement of your light sources. When adding lamps to a space, the designer must also be aware of the form and style of the fixture and its connection to the room at large. No lamp comes without context – even the most simple lamps will read as minimalistic or modern. Experienced interior designers know how to take the Unique Table Lamps For Sale at top furniture wholesalers like Worlds Away and make them an integral part of the room’s design.

Never squander the gift you’ve been given in the shape and form of a piece, especially when it comes to lighting fixtures. After all, lighting is a mandatory element to any room, meaning you will always have to work with them in your designs. Therefore, it’s wise to build a room around the lighting fixtures you plan to use. Worlds Away’s exclusive designs are perfect for this, as each unique piece offers a striking array of inspirational design elements.

Take for example the CAPRI S model table lamp, a silver leaf fixture with a meticulously shaped neck sculpted into stacked palm leaves. The delicate curl of each frond can easily be tied into the room it lights with fringed pillows and throw blankets. Or you can match the silver curves of the sculpted neck by decorating with metal sculptures employing similar layered effects. The metallic sheen of the silver ties in with other silver accents in the room to create consistency all while staying neutral enough to work well with rustic wood tones as well. And of course the symbol of the palm leaves can be carried on in art pieces and even potted plants spread around the room.

Sometimes the duty of an interior designer is to update a preexisting room, however, and in this case, she may be searching for unique table lamps for sale in order to change the balance of the space and strengthen its design. Worlds Away’s signature one of a kind table lamps are just the tools for the job, bringing both function and fresh inspiration into the space. All styles can be found in their exclusive collection, whether you need to brighten up a Hollywood Regency inspired bedroom or bring a tasteful decorative element to the end table of an elegantly vintage living room. Worlds Away’s stunning designs make perfect statement pieces as well, with all the form and beauty of a sculpture and the added function of providing crucial light to the space. Be it silver, ceramic, stone, or acrylic, every masterfully crafted fixture brings its own personality and breaks beyond the borders of the expected. Step outside of the dox and allow your creativity to roam free as you follow the inspiration of each unique table lamp to greater designs.

The wide range of unique table lamps for sale at Worlds Away are not the only awe-inspiring designs this talented company has to offer. Whether you’re redesigning the entire room or just breathing new life into the space with a few furniture upgrades, there is quite a lot to be said for the power of a truly unique design. Worlds Away pieces are bold, glamorous, and attention-grabbing in their flawless design and captivating originality. These are the ultimate must-have furniture pieces for any designer that’s ready to break away from the crowd and showcase their own originality. You can log on to Worlds-Away.com today to browse through their collection and see what inspiration strikes. Or download their catalog for more visions of how Worlds Away can help you completely transform a room.

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