Unique Approach in DME Prior Authorization

Managing your front end RCM is the cornerstone of setting the right benchmark. High labor rates, reduced rates of reimbursements, competitive bidding impact staffing. According to Homecare Magazine’s most recent survey, nearly 47% of the HME providers are not planning to hire new employees in the New Year. Simultaneously, almost 24% of the providers have reduced their staffs while 44% had staffs roughly with the same numbers.

There is too much of a turn over with increasing workload and a workforce which is declining. Also, backlogs constantly build up pressure and you might be stuck even in the front office with challenges in eligibility verification, DME prior authorization as well as the resupply programs.

You may have to stop the resupply program as you fail to manage a high volume of orders. It will be a pertinent idea to have the right provisions in place and find a reliable RCM partner, helping in eliminating proven challenges in your front end RCM activities by performing task-specific activities in order entry, confirmation, insurance verification, prior authorization, and doctor’s office follow-ups.

The PriorAuth ONLINE trust in DME Prior Authorization

We believe in working as a dedicated extension of your operational arm, extend you the right assistance that transpires to better ROI. Our team of experts understands the challenges ahead and provides you with tangible support, extends great best practices with operational transparency and exceptional productivity metrics.

Our front-end RCM activities encompass

Eligibility Verification – Online & Calling

  • Authorization Initiation – Online & Calling
  • Authorization Follow Up
  • Follow-up with the payer on Authorization
  • Completion of authorization form based on the outcome of the request
  • Doctor’s Office Follow-up for documents
  • Re-Authorization
  • Order Entry
    • Patient Account Creation
    • Patient’s demographic entry
    • Prescription information entry
    • Insurance entry
    • Provider’s information entry
    • Item entry

We also excel in delivering superior post billing activities by performing task-specific activities in denial management, payment posting, and accounts receivable collections. If you are looking to know more about how we deliver actionable support in DME prior authorization and other front end activities that reduce your operational costs by 70%, we are just a call away!