Despite denial on unemployment benefits my Christmas will be great due to…

A help, which was there for me, I was just unaware of it. Yes!! That is true.

Hi there, I am John Smith, an accountant who has just lost his job due to some cost-cutting policy of the company. I was not ready to accept the reality that this happened to me. I was just indulged in making plans for Christmas. But time prepares you for everything. Two months back, I lost my job, and like anyone else, I rushed to apply for unemployment benefits immediately.

However, at that time, I was told that I have to wait for at least two months. This is the necessary condition to qualify for unemployment benefits. I was already not doing well in finances. Besides, daily expenses do not wait for anything. They just happen, ignorant of any sort of government policy or terms and conditions of the financial help that you may need desperately.

Every passing day was bad

I was restless and was in significant stress. I cannot tell how long it will be my unemployment and festival are also coming. Some of my relatives are coming to meet me after years on Christmas. I cannot tell them not to go because I lost my job.

I just wanted a solution and a hope came to me

To search job, last weekend night, I was going through different job search sites. On one of them, I saw a pop-up advertisement for the Christmas loans for the unemployed. The lender was The Easy Loans. At first, I was not much convinced with the idea that a company in this profit-driven world is giving funds to a jobless. Is it true actually? Out of curiosity, I visited on the link and reached the website of the lender.

I went through the website on the private direct lender and found some reviews of the people in a situation similar to me. The loan product was also there in the list of loan choices. I decided to give it a try and clicked on the ‘Apply Now’ button. The application procedure was unpredictably short and smooth. Just apply, get the approval decision, and receive funds.

The lender focuses on your repayment capacity, somehow you have to prove that. Any sort of income, other sources of money like rental income, can work. I am earning through freelancing work, so I mentioned the amount I get.  It is around £3000

As the amount I make is not significant, I qualified for £6500 in the place of £7000, but still, it was a massive help for me. I found the repayment plan quite convenient as it was made on my preferences. The lender offers customised deals, and the instalments are not hefty on my monthly budget. Here is the calculation of what I borrowed and how much I have to pay.

Loan amount I got £6500
Loan tenure 9 months
Monthly instalment £585

I am paying the payments without much stress as my freelancing work is going right.

Help at the right time saved me from getting into a bad credit score situation

I must say that whatever advice I got from The Easy Loans is irreplaceable in importance. My payments were going pending, and that was pushing me towards a lousy credit rating. This lender appeared in my life at the right time and proved right on all its commitments. I got the money on time and could pay the priority bills on time.

A fantastic benefit – you can take another loan during the tenure

When I talked to the experts in the company on the customer care service number, I got another good news. If I pay to keep repaying the instalments on time, I can take another short-term loan before the first one is paid off. Despite unemployment, I can do this. However, I am trying hard to get the job as soon as I can, just the festive season is doing delay. Companies are not much active in recruitment activities. At least, now I am sure because of this lender that if I need money again, it will be there for me. 24×7 assistance, online chat facility, no upfront fee, no hidden charges, all the features are borrower-friendly.

I am all set to celebrate Christmas – All because of help from The Easy Loans

I am spending every penny with the utmost care and in fact, have saved some money. Now, I can say that I can celebrate my Christmas with my relatives without any financial insecurity. This all happened because of the advanced approach of the direct lending market. I am sure such types of loan products can play a hugely positive role in creating a better financial atmosphere.

I am happy that I know a smarter solution for all my financial problems. The Easy Loans have short-term loans for other purposes too. Even poor credit scores can also apply. Now, I am not afraid if I will get any sort of benefit or financial help from the government or not. Thanks for being with me in my bad days. I cannot miss recommending this lender to all of you.