UNDER THE SUMMER SUN: 4 Beauty Tips to Remember Before Dipping Into the Pool!

Summer, one of the most awaited seasons of the year, is fast approaching. Surely, you are excited when it comes to preparing and planning out on how to spend it. One of the most common and most loved ways of many is to go swimming either in a resort or in the beach or both!

Aside from planning the venue, the foods to bring, the transportation and the fees, you are aware that one of your concerns as well as to look good during your summer swimming. Of course, you’ll be taking lots of summer photos and will be walking around the pools and the beach, and you have to appear really well every time!

Since when you go swimming, you get wet and your appearance gets ruined from your usual “fixed” look, trying to get the camera-friendly look while getting soaked under the sun and the water is not so easy at all. Don’t lose hope however because there are still simple ways you can do. Here are 4 beauty tips that you should prepare for before swimming this summer!



Photo source – Flickr – swimonline

There are several swimsuits you can see in malls, most especially when summer’s coming to town. There are products available for men, women, and kids as well. It’s actually one of the things that people look forward to when it’s swimming time — displaying their awesome swimwear!

If you’re really off to making the season hotter, you might think that a swimwear which emphasizes your shape or that shows off your glowing skin is a perfect way! Will you do so, then just make sure to get the ones with the right fit and the safe material.

If your skin is sensitive to some types of fabric, reactions might come out of your skin. Instead of being confident, your skin might be bothered, itchy and uncomfortable. That’s why to be very careful when choosing what swimwear to use.

On another side of the coin, one of the best ways to protect your skin for swimming is to choose a bather that covers you and does not expose your skin to too much heat and chemicals in the water. A rash guard would be a nice choice for it conceals your skin, especially the arm portions which are the usual areas that get sunburnt.



Photo source – Pixabay

Who doesn’t need sunscreen before swimming? No one. You need it to essentially protect your skin from the heat of the sun and the effects of ultraviolet rays. You know there are many skin issues that you might get if you don’t make an effort in protecting your skin. Some are problems in skin pigmentation and the worst is skin cancer.

Choose the right SPF for your skin which will be enough to shield you. Most especially if you are going to wear swimwear that discloses your skin, you need to put on some sunscreen to block the factors that might be dangerous for it.  



Photo source – Wikimedia Commons

It’s very rare that you’ll see vacationists wearing swim caps while they swim. It’s because people usually think that professional swimmers are the ones who always wear such. People might also assume that you’re really good at swimming when you don’t even know how to. It catches attention, so you’re hesitant because people who swim for fun and for vacation purposes don’t usually wear that.

The truth, however, is that the swim cap is for everyone. It has lots of benefits as it protects your hair from the hazardous chemicals present in the pool water and gives warmth too. Swimcap also makes swimming more convenient for you since it keeps your long hair from going to your face and from blocking your vision. It also turns you away from possible accidents due to difficulty in seeing while swimming.

When your hair’s well-kept, you can enjoy swimming while not worrying about how your hair might be wrecking your beautiful summer look.



Photo Source – Flickr – Elliot Brown

Taking a shower before and after swimming is necessary! Cleaning your skin with lukewarm water before dipping yourself in the pool is important. After swimming, showering again is much more important because you have to wash off of your skin all the chemicals from the pool and all the other elements you’ve gotten in contact with.

Most especially if you’ll be swimming in a public pool or with other people, you’re sure that you will encounter stuff you don’t want to encounter in the pool. Many of them are not visible to the naked eye, so it’s much more unpleasant to your skin.



It’s blissful to spend the summer swimming and staying under the summer’s sun, but never forget that your skin can get harmed while you’re desiring to get a nice and social media post-worthy summer look! The above-mentioned beauty tips are just some of the simplest but the most overlooked helpful steps! Keep in mind to take good care of your skin while you have fun under the sun!