Ultimate Checklist Followed by Every Professional Calgary Wedding Photographer

Have you ever participated in a marathon? Wedding photography is somewhat similar to a marathon. However, you are going to execute many tasks than running around. If you do not keep a checklist, you cannot attend everything you need to. There is a high chance that you will miss out on the most important shots. But how are you going to make a checklist?

Even if you love photography, wedding photography is super overwhelming. The fear of missing out will be chasing you until the assignment is over. You can keep watching tutorials and arrange the gears; however, the checklist makes a difference for a Calgary wedding photographer. In order to take preparation in the right way, you need to keep the following shots in the checklist. So, take a look below.

Keep the Locations in Mind

In a wedding assignment, location is more important than you ever think. Moreover, you need to remember at least three things – the couple’s favorite spot, the first date spot and the next vacation. So, the couple loves to hang out at a café every week. Could they keep the special venue out of their visual story? Nowadays, many couples are including the place where they are planning to travel soon. This can be a great idea to shoot engagement photos. After everything, you need to instruct the couple to recreate their first date. In this way, there will be a few touching shots along with the starting point of the story.

For the Pre-Ceremony Shoot

The pre-ceremony shots take place in the very early period of the day. At this time, you need to photograph how the bride and groom are getting ready for the big day. Maintain a shortlist of things to include the bride’s and groom’s shoes, groom’s tie, bride’s dress and accessories, and other little things. It is known to all that the little things have high values and you should focus on them. During the pre-ceremony period, you can bridal party shots as well.

 Ceremony Shoots include Many Things

Until the big event, you have been focusing on the couple only. So, the must-haves during this time are the grandparents and parents entering the venue. In the meantime, you cannot afford to miss the mother lighting up the unity candle. After this, you should capture the groom and groomsmen entering the altar. Then the big moment arrives when the bride walks down the aisle! At this time, you need to frame the atmosphere of the room. Moreover, the groom’s reaction to the bride’s entry is one of the essential shots. While shooting the wedding, you can keep the focus on candid moments to capture the beautiful emotions around.

Post-Wedding Shots

Right after the ceremony, you need to start making rules on shooting the family or group shots. For example, you need to shoot the bride and groom separately. Additionally, you need to capture the couple with ministers, siblings, and families. The shots generally go in a traditional way; hence, you need to arrange a light setup.

When the day is over, you have to create backup for the files, start editing, and send the couple updates on the editing process. If they request, you can deliver the final photographs. So, making the checklist is not difficult and can be fun!

Author bio: Ruth Lawson is a popular blogger who has published many articles on how to cover wedding assignments in the easiest way. Here, she talks about what a Calgary wedding photographer keeps on her checklist.