Types of Online Project Management Tools

A wide variety of online project management tools are available in the marketplace. The types of software are based on different factors, including collaboration, integration, and ease of use.

Task management

If you are looking for a way to manage your projects, online project management tools can help. These tools will help you prioritize your work and increase your productivity. They also offer a variety of communication options, which will allow you to stay in touch with your team. Many of these tools come with reports, which are useful for gauging your progress. While these reports can be helpful, the best task management software offers more. A good tool will allow you to quickly check what needs to be done and what should be left for later. Other features to look for include customizable task fields and the ability to add attachments. Also, consider whether or not the software is easy to update. You will want to make sure that you can keep track of all the changes.

Gantt chart software

Online Gantt chart software allows users to track and visualize the progress of their projects. These charts are also helpful in collaborating with team members. The tool is used to schedule and estimate project durations, establish task dependencies, and assign tasks to team members. Moreover, online Gantt chart software helps to manage costs, allocate resources, and add dimensions to a project. Gantt charts can be customized to meet the needs of a team. They can be shaded or color-coded to show different phases of a project. Users can add attachments, comments, and overalls between tasks. In addition to being an excellent tool for project management, Gantt charts help to innovate more effectively. Teams can easily understand the scope of a project, compare the original plan with the actual work, and compare the project’s completion date to its start date.


Collaboration is one of the critical features of project management. Online collaboration tools can enhance the effectiveness of projects and meetings. These tools also help in promoting efficient communication. Project collaboration software enables multiple people to work simultaneously and allows the real-time exchange of ideas and data. It also enables team members to store and share project-related documents. In fact, many online collaboration tools can deliver on the promise of making collaboration easy. These tools range from project management platforms to document sharing to social networking. Many of these tools are free to use. However, paid collaboration tools can be worth the investment for those needing more features. For example, Podio offers various tools and services to support team communication and project management. Some of the more popular features of this platform include task management, real-time messaging, and integrations with other business apps.

Ease of use

There are many online project management software on the market, but only a few are truly effective and versatile. These products offer a seamless, streamlined approach to team collaboration. They can help you manage your time, track your projects and eliminate time wastage. For example, task management solutions allow team members to collaborate on files, track their work, and prioritize their most important tasks. Choosing the right tool can help you save time and reduce costs. It should also be easy to use for both beginners and experts. Moreover, a project management solution should provide users with a central place to store and share files. With a centralized storage, teams can avoid a lot of headaches from accidentally damaging or losing files. Another great benefit of a project management solution is that it can be used across different departments. Users can easily find and share files with colleagues or clients.


Project management is about integrating different project pieces into a cohesive whole. However, doing so can be challenging. Luckily, there are tools that make it easier. One tool in particular is Spike. This software integrates multiple communication methods, including email, chat and calendars, into one user friendly platform. With Spike’s built-in chat feature, you can engage your team in real time. It also offers a spreadsheet-like interface and a variety of handy tools. A project management software system can also be an effective way to visualize your entire project. For example, you can see the status of each project task as well as its duration and budget. In addition, the software can alert you when a deadline is about to pass. You can even send important alerts to your colleagues if you need to.

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