Types of Custom Poker Chips: A Brief Guide

Custom poker chips are the perfect accessory to take with you in several occasions. Custom chips are versatile in use and can make great trade promotions, drink tokens, golf labels, wedding favors, giveaways, etc.

These chips have a wide range of uses, and finding a custom, personalized solution will bring amazing effects to any occasion. Custom made poker chips can have a variety of uses and can be made from several materials.

Poker Chips Materials

The vast majority of casino poker chips are made of clay. Many chips use the composition of the material to make them more durable and allow you to make more use of the chips. Some wood chips even use earthy materials like sand and chalk.
The poker chip manufacturing process is often a trade secret and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These are some of the main materials found in poker chips.

Clay: As mentioned above, this is the most common material found in casino poker chips. Chips made from this material can have a wide range of quality and cost. Many chips of clay have other materials to make them stronger. These types of tokens have a better grip and can be stacked efficiently. The stripes are made by cutting a part of the clay and filling it with another color of clay.

Composite Materials – These types of wood chips are made from a variety of materials. These types of chips are generally cheaper and extremely durable. For the League of Poker, this is a good option, it will ensure that they are used a lot without interruptions. However, the slippery feel of these chips makes it impossible to easily stack them.

Ceramic – One of the best parts about ceramic chips is that the chip can have graphics! This is unique to ceramic chips. They are usually more expensive because the design is part of the chip. Many casinos use these types of tokens due to their unique appearance and exquisite design.

Supermarket Plastic chips – Made entirely of plastic, these are the tokens that you may have played in your life. They are called “supermarket poker chips” and they are really light products weighing only a few grams, thin and cheap.

How to Judge if a Poker Chip is Real

The question of whether a poker chip is real is related to the casino. The chips usually have a certain monetary value, which allows you to spend in the casino. In most cases, when you discover that a chip is worth five thousand dollars, you will be interested to know if it is genuine.

The history of counterfeit poker chips is almost as old as the game itself. The history of chips is full of fakes. However, casinos are well aware of this practice and it is much more difficult to counterfeit tokens than to counterfeit currency. Since counterfeiting poker chips is so difficult, the chips you find are likely to be real.

Between the different weights, designs, and styles, casinos can do a lot to make chips too unique to be copied. However, if you play alone or with a group of people, any chip can be used as long as everyone agrees on its value.

That’s all about the common types of poker chips available and widely used. Clay, ceramic, and composite materials are the three common types of materials used for custom made poker chips. We have also talked about real and counterfeit poker chips.
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