Two Types of Size 15 Rubber Boots

Perhaps, in the warmer months, when the mood takes you, you like to pan for gold. It’s an exciting activity, somewhere in the midland between hiking and playing slots. You travel into the foothills with your sifter and tweezers and pocket knife. You’ve got on your miner’s overalls, the ones your wife always makes fun of you for. The creek is right there in front of you. You’re ready. You wade in.

But wait.

The creek is fed by the mountain that towers above you. It’s runoff snow — icy, freezing. Your toes are burning. You have the wrong footwear!

That’s where XL Feet comes in. Our Size 15 Rubber Boots are the perfect footwear for prospectors, miners, and many others.

This is an unforgiving planet we’ve found ourselves on, and the Large Bogs® Rancher Steel Toe Rubber Boots are made for virtually anything Earth can muster up. Available in sizes 7-18, these boots can handle work in the grimiest, most nasty substances. Known as the Forge Steel Toe, this boot has become popular among companies in the food production industry, in part because the safety rating is printed right on the side of the boot so that employees don’t get hassled by their supervisors, and companies can rest easy knowing their employees have safe footwear. Constructed from durable hand-lasted (meaning hand-stretched and set) rubber, and flexible four-way stretch seven-millimeter Neo-Tech insulation, this boot is comfort rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. With its durable, shock-absorbing rubber outsole, this insulated steel toe boot is the best way to take care of your feet. For men who need wide calf boots, it may be of interest to note these boots have a circumference of about 19 inches unstretched in a size 18. In a size 13, it is nearly the same at about 17 inches.

For a slightly more fashionable boot, check out the Large Bogs® Classic High Mossy Oak Rubber Hunting Boots, which we have available in sizes ranging from 8 to 21. These boots are outfitted with a camouflage pattern that will allow you to sit calmly in your deer stand, knowing you are nigh invisible to the naked eye. They are constructed to keep you dry and comfortable. Because these boots are completely waterproof, you can trudge through creeks or deep snow without compromising your comfort. With a high reaching upper constructed with seven-millimeter four-way stretch Neo-Tech insulation, Bogs leaves extra room for foot warmers and thick socks. Their last (mold of a foot in a certain size and width) is almost EEE extra wide. Bogs do this for purposes of insulation because the more air is left in a shoe, the better the insulating factor. This serves as a bonus for the bigfoot community. All we want is a boot we can fit our feet into that accommodates our width, while keeping our feet warm and dry.

It can be daunting, trying to choose new shoes, and it can be doubly daunting to do so without an understanding of the bigfoot and wide width markets. But XL Feet is here to help with quality size 15 ribber boots. You’ll recognize, in our products, a commitment to high-caliber footwear and accessories. Our expert staff has more experience in the worlds of bigfoot and wide width than any competing retailer, and we are always here to assist you with any of your footwear needs.

Since 2009, we’ve been serving our bigfooted brethren from our brick and mortar in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Along with size 15 rubber boots, we sell work boots, hiking boots, sandals, slippers, slides, socks, and much more. Check us out today!

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