Turn to Duracable for All Your Drain Cleaning Equipment

When you’re running a drain cleaning business, having the best supplies will help set you apart from the competition. At Duracable Manufacturing, we are dedicated to making only the highest quality equipment for plumbing and drain cleaning professionals. Since 1981, we’ve been offering businesses and contractors reliable products at manufacturer-direct pricing. All of our products are made in America to the standards our customers demand. Next time you need new supplies for your business, you can find some amazing Drain Cleaning Equipment For Sale from Duracable.

Our flagship products are our amazing line of drain cleaning machines. All of our machines feature our easily swappable cable reel system, making it painless to move from one drain snake to another. Our enclosed polyethylene reels help to keep your job site clean by containing any splatter from the cable.

We offer a line of nine machine models, from sink machines for residential use to our powerful upright machines for industrial applications. No matter what kind of machines your business needs, you will find several amazing options with Duracable. All of our machines come with limited 2 to 3-year warranties on the frame and motor. All of our machines are assembled and tested in the USA and are compatible with most commercial drain cables.

If your business needs new drain cables, Duracable’s snakes are second to none. We obsessively test all of our wire before it is spun into our sturdy cables to ensure they will hold up against even the toughest clogs. When you buy a cable from us, rest assured knowing that we guarantee our cables for 30 days. If your cable has a material defect we failed to notice, simply notify us within 30 days and we’ll work to make it right. Our cables are available in the following diameters and lengths.

Diameters: 1/4” 5/16” 3/8” 1/2” 5/8” 11/16” 3/4”
Lengths: 37’ 50’ 60’ 75’ 80’ 90’ 100’ 110’ 120’ 130’ 140’ 150’ and custom lengths to order

To give the business end of your cables more clog fighting power, Duracable offers a huge line of blades and cable ends. With over one hundred options from grease cutter bulbs to sawtoothed spring steel blades, we have exactly what you’ll need no matter what is clogging your drain.

If you need to figure out exactly what you’re dealing with down a drain or line, Duracable is a certified retailer of RIGID brand camera inspection equipment. These cameras can inspect up to 325’ of pipe to find whatever issue your customer is experiencing and help you form a plan of attack.

Once you’ve finished the job, offering drain care services can help keep those lines clear. Our line of ProClean drain products utilizes multiple strains of bacteria to create a healthy microbiome in pipes that encourages the breakdown of grease and organic material into water and carbon dioxide. Instead of treating with harsh chemicals, ProClean offers an environmentally conscious solution to keep drains clean by avoiding future buildup. Your customers will love how our line of drain care products keeps their lines healthy and clear.

With such a variety of drain cleaning equipment for sale, Duracable is a one-stop shop for service providers. After working with professionals for over 30 years, we know exactly what your business needs. To find out more information about our products, give our customer service representatives a call at 515-512-9817. Start using our amazing products and find out the difference Duracable products can make for your business.

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