Try Drill Mills On Your Next Project

When you need to set up a milling project, having the right end mills in your arsenal can make all the difference. Between roughing, detail work, spot drilling, drilling, and chamfering, even a simple project can get loaded down with tool changes. Every time you have to change your end mill, you’re adding working time to the project. Having an end mill that can fulfill multiple functions is crucial to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. At Online Carbide, our drill mills are a great way to fulfill multiple functions with one end mill. Check out our website to see all of our amazing Drill Mills For Sale.

So what exactly is a drill mill? As the name suggests, drill mills combine features from drill bits and end mills into one utilitarian cutting tool. Though these end mills are amazing for cutting down your project time, they are not very common in the milling industry.

Unlike a typical end mill, drill mills terminate in a point. This makes them ideal for axial drilling, a task most end mills can’t handle. When you look at the flutes of a drill mill, you may notice that they feature a more pronounced curve to their cross-section as opposed to the flat cross-section of a typical end mill. This curvature helps keep the tip of the mill strong and aids in chip evacuation.

Because of the strong tip of a drill mill, they are ideal for a number of functions typical reserved for specialized end mills. Because of their short length and sturdy construction, drill mills can cut an accurate hole without the risk of walking from typical drill bits. This makes them a perfect option for spot drilling or drilling small holes in your piece. The tip of the drill mill can also chamfer the edges of your workpiece.

Drill mills can even side mill. Though the tip will create a v notch in your piece, it’s possible to do limited side milling with these cutting tools. If your project requires only a small amount of side milling and uses a softer material, a drill mill might be able to do almost the entire piece for you.

We offer drill mills for sale from ?” to ?” in 2 and 4 flute options. You can choose to purchase your mill with a 60 degree or 90 degree tip angle. We also offer two options for drill mill finishes, bright and titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN). The bright coating is just polished carbide, but the act of polishing does lead to superior chip evacuation. Our TiAlN coating protects your mills by creating a thermally insulating Aluminum oxide layer. This layer helps turn heat away from the drill mill and extends its working life.

All of your quality end mills are manufactured in the USA. We use the same solid carbide and grinding equipment as industry leaders. Unlike those name brands, we don’t sell our end mills through middlemen. When you buy your mills from Online Carbide, you get amazing quality and factory direct pricing.

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