Try a Delicious Dry Rub for Lamb Chops

People who regularly eat barbecue usually think of steaks and ribs, pulled pork and smoked chicken and of course brisket. But one of the other great flavors you can get from barbecue is the taste of lamb, especially from well-prepared lamb chops.

Lamb chops taste great when pan-fried and left to sizzle. A great Dry Rub For Lamb chops made from all natural spices can make them taste even better.

At Casa M Spice Co™, a spice blend specifically designed for lamb can take your chops to the next level. This blend features the base Chain Reaction™ original blend with some additional ingredients like black pepper, mustard and other earthy, aromatic spices that go perfectly with the flavor of lamb and bring out the natural flavors in the meat.

Lamb is a delicate and delectable dish, so the natural flavor is already great, but getting the perfect dry rub for lamb chops can make the meat fall right off the bone. The seasoning is perfect for preparing your lamb in any way, whether smoked, grilled, seared or roasted.

The Good Shepherd™ blend for lamb can also be paired with a light touch of pink Himalayan salt to produce even more mouthwatering flavor. Like all of the Casa M Spice Co™ spice blends, Good Shepherd™ is a low sodium formulation, which means you can season to taste and not worry about over salting or overpowering the meat with too much seasoning. It is made from all natural ingredients and spices and brings together great flavors from the earthy tones of rosemary to the heat of paprika and ground chiles.

For a really great flavor, you can slow cook lamb chops. Take your chops prepared with the Good Shepherd™ dry rub and place over onions in a slow cooker and top with garlic. Cover the lamb chops in the slow cooker and let cook for 4 to 6 hours or until the meat is tender.

Aside from just having the best dry rub for lamb chops, Casa M Spice Co™ has a number of great spice blends that go great with all meats. The original blend called Chain Reaction™ is a true season-all. It tastes great on anything and everything.

For more specific tastes and spice blends that are designed and created for specific meats, there are a few other selections. Cattle Drive™ is a beef spice rub that tastes great on brisket, ribs, steaks, burgers and any other beef dish. Free Range™ is a chicken rub that works on wings, boneless chicken, and grilled or smoked chicken. Whole Hog™ complements the flavors of pork and works great for your pulled pork, pork ribs or pork chop dishes. Hooked™ is another unique spice rub designed specifically for fish and seafood.

With Casa M Spice Co™, you will be using spice blends that have been crafted, tried and perfected over nearly two decades, ready to be brought to your family table. With influences in Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, the Casa M Spice Co™ team is sharing these specially designed spice blends with you, your family and friends so you can experience these flavors. At Casa M Spice Co™, great flavor makes great food and great food makes great memories, and they want to be a part of the memories made at your next barbecue, family party or simply your next family meal.

So check out the Good Shepherd™ dry rub for lamb chops or any of the Casa M Spice Co™ spice blends today and start experiencing the flavor. It is sure to create new and special memories for you and your family over great food and great flavor.

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