Transform Your Office with Interior Plant Services

Making your office more productive is a task that many companies struggle with. Extremely spartan working environments tend to leave employees feeling bored and sluggish. One simple solution many businesses have begun to take advantage of is hiring an Interior Plant Service. These service providers help design and maintain an indoor plant layout for your business. Having a planted office not only improves the appeal of your space but can also help keep your employees healthier and more productive.

The most obvious benefit of incorporating plants into your office design is the aesthetic angle. When you add plants to an office, you are breathing life into what tends to be a cold and sterile environment. For any business that deals with visiting clients, plants provide an impressive and professional appearance to your space. Not only will planting make your office a more impressive environment, but it will also have a positive psychological impact on your employees.

Companies who feature plants in their office designs tend to have happier employees. Something about having living plants makes an office easier to work in. Many believe that the ability to see plants grow and thrive from their desks makes employees view their workplace as a community rather than just an institution.

While the casual reason plants affect our mood is not fully understood, the correlations observed are hard to deny. Studies on computer-based workers have shown that employees in planted spaces are up to 15% more productive and their work tends to include fewer errors. The inclusion of plants in offices also dampens noise, resulting in an environment that makes it much easier to focus.

The psychological impact of planted spaces is a huge benefit for businesses, but there are biological factors to consider when deciding whether to use an interior plant service in your office. Plants breath just like we do, and they exhale the oxygen we need to survive. While you don’t need plants to achieve healthy oxygen levels, their respiratory process also serves as an amazing air filter.

The air in your office is full of bacteria and volatile organic compounds that are off-gassed from man-made materials. Carpets, plastics, and electrical components will all give off small quantities of airborne chemicals which, while relatively harmless, can help contribute to workplace illness. When you include plants in your workplace, they will routinely clean the air and remove many of these undesirable compounds from the air.

In addition to cleaning the air, your office plants are also amazing passive humidifiers. Dry air can lead to a higher susceptibility to illness. When plants exhale, they naturally release water vapor into the air and help increase the humidity in dry spaces. Plants will lose less water to respiration in humid environments, so they won’t lead to overly humid environments. This characteristic of indoor plants makes them a vital resource in fighting office illness and increasing productivity.

While the positive impacts of indoor plants are clear, maintaining a planted office can be an unwelcome task for workers in busy office spaces. Interior plant services are a perfect option for businesses that wish to receive the positive impact of a planted office but without the task of plant care. Many office plant services will help businesses with everything from design consultation to regular maintenance visits. Hiring a plant service is an excellent way to make your office gorgeous, productive, and healthy.

For businesses in the Philadelphia area, Plantscapes USA offers professional interior landscaping services as well as maintenance service visits 2 to 4 times a month. These service calls include plant care as well as replacing any ill or dead plants free of charge. Contact Plantscapes USA today to set up a design consultation for your office. Our team is dedicated to creating the perfect plant designs for our clients.

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