Transform Your Office with an Interior Plantscaping Company in Philadelphia

If you’re searching for an Interior Plantscaping Company Philadelphia based to increase the aesthetic of your workplace, look no further than Plantscapes USA. With years of experience, passion, and a knowledge for all things landscape design, Plantscapes USA has been providing both workplaces and homes with interior and exterior plantscaping, design, installation, maintenance, and care. All of our services come with a special guarantee of plant insurance and replacement, which sets us apart from other landscape and design companies.

While under our care, your new plants are fully insured and will be replaced at no charge if deterioration occurs. While our plants and flowers will make your workplace look fantastic, there are also many benefits to having plants in your workplace and home. Our services will provide you with the care and attention to detail that will make your work environment a comfortably enjoyable yet productive space where your employees can thrive.

The Benefits of Interior Plantscaping in the Workplace

Designing your home or office can be a challenge; your space should have its own personality while having a sleek design that isn’t filled with too much decor or clutter. Creating a good atmosphere for your workplace environment can especially be tricky since it should be reflective of your company or business. Like it or not, your work environment can have an effect on your employees, whether it’s influencing their overall approach towards their work or an increase in their productivity levels.

In recent years, businesses have realized that the simple solution is to create an upbeat and natural physical environment to promote positivity and productivity. Having live plants and flowers in the workplace can increase health, productivity, and overall workplace satisfaction among employees. Having live plants in your office will not only look beautiful but will also promote a healthy range of humidity and air purity. Live plants will not only purify the air but keep moisture and humidity levels in check.

Including live plants in your workplace can also be a challenge if you don’t have the support and maintenance to keep the plants healthy. At Plantscapes USA, we do our best to keep your workplace productive with our care and attention to your plants and work space.

Installation, Maintenance, and Design

If you’re interested in having a beautiful plant and flower landscaped area that will bring life to your office, our installation services will provide you with all of the details and support you will need to get started.

Once your beautiful selection of plants and flowers is installed, our maintenance program provides your plant selection with attention and stability to ensure the maximum support and care your plants need. Our maintenance program includes:

– Weekly visits by trained technicians
– Fertilization and watering
– Regular inspections for pest or plant disease
– Repotting, if necessary

We also offer design services including a wide selection of international ceramics and pots that will beautifully fit your plants and a selection of water fountains that will be a great addition to your space. No matter what type of style or design you’re looking for, we’ll work with you one-on-one to get the exact atmosphere you’re seeking.

At Plantscapes USA, we not only offer services to corporate locations, but we also do services for your personal residential home, special events, receptions, and seasonal display projects for your home, business, or event. As an interior plantscaping company Philadelphia based, we not only have continued experience within the city and beyond but also passion and dedication to every project we are a part of.

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