How to Transfer a Car Registration Number in 2022?

Many persons have prized possessions towards their car based on their unique or different tastes in cars. Usually, people prefer to buy a car based on their budget and requirements. The decision to purchase a car means a lot to the car owner as it reflects their personality as well as their standard of living. Moreover, car owners often go for the personalised Car Registration Numbers for their cars, which make their cars even more unique as compared to other cars. Likely, they can stand out from the crowd. When you are planning to buy a registration number, make sure you have purchased the best car insurance so that you can protect your asset from any kind of financial liability.

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Many times it happens that you have driven your car for a longer period and now changed your mood and decided to change your car, but you don’t want to change your registration number as you have any connection with it. Well, it’s possible to keep your old Car Registration Numbers in your new car. However, you need to follow some essential steps and procedures. Before understanding these steps in order to transfer your registration number, you need to understand when you can retain your car’s registration number.

When should you go to retain your car’s registration number?

The registration number is very important for many car owners. Some car owners purchase unique registration numbers for their cars to stand out from the normal ones, some purchase it for the sake of having a registration certificate, and some go for it as it is lucky for them. For instance, if you have a car and have a habit of changing your car every 2 years but want to keep the registration number for one reason, then you should go to retain your car’s registration number. Here, belief comes forward while changing the car but not the number plates or registration number. Usually, people used to have different kinds of beliefs to consider a registration number. Thus, how can you transfer your car registration number to the new car?

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Guidance to transfer the old registration number to a new car.

It has been identified that a car owner has to take a lot of responsibility to keep a car. It means that when car owner buys a car, they become responsible for the environment and society and be prepared for unforeseen car incidents. Thus, a car owner needs to have pollution under control certificate, a motor insurance policy, and keep the car from unforeseen financial losses so that it can save the environment and show you are a responsible citizen.

Generally, car owners prefer to change their cars when the machine starts performing badly and gets old. In such a case, if you still want to keep the Car Registration Numbers for your new car, then you should know how to be eligible to perform this action. Usually, the allotted registered numbers are not allotted to any other cars, even if the registration number is cancelled. But, in case you have used the registration car number for more than 3 years, then it is possible to transfer the same registration number to your new car. It is basically an online process that you need to follow up to port your registration number to your new car. Just have a look at these important steps so that you can easily port your registration number.

  1. First, you have to visit the transport department and fill in all the detailed requirements.
  2. After that, you have to put your current or existing registered car number.
  3. Then, you have to go through the online fee payment based on your preferred payment options.
  4. The system will generate a slip with your current registration number on it.
  5. After that, you have to submit the generated slip to the car dealer where you are going to buy your new vehicle.
  6. Here, the car dealer will enter your old registered car number into their online system so that the same number will be allotted to your new car.
  7. After that, you can visit the motor license office so that they receive the new registration number for the old car.

Overall, the car owner has to perform this action several times to ensure the transfer process. Moreover, you need to understand the categories of Car Registration Numbers issued by the transport department. Thus, while going for the auction, you can have an idea about the minimum reserve price.


Every year motor companies are innovating something new and implementing advanced technology and smart interiors, which is attracting many car owners to purchase a new car. But if you want to reuse your Car Registration Numbers or retain them on your new car, then you can follow the tips as mentioned above to do it on your own.

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