Traits of Successful Real Estate Developers

The purchase or sale of a property is usually accompanied by high financial transactions. Through a competent real estate agent, the customer secures a comprehensive consultation, which also protects the financial interests of the consumer.

The consulting service of the estate agent has become very complex. For a long time brokers no longer limit themselves exclusively to the simple proof of real estate or the attitude of the real estate data into an expose or the Internet. They examine land and buildings, create market analyzes, examine object documents, analyze existing leases, provide valuable information on the purchase contract and help to find the right financing. For the consumer, it is often difficult to distinguish reputable and well-qualified service providers from “black sheep”. The real estate association IVD has put together a checklist that helps to identify a competent broker.

Market knowledge:

Professional real estate agents know the local market. They provide information on prices, rents and market developments and are already available in advance with expertise in the valuation of the property. They know the supply and demand of the respective real estate segment and look after buyers and sellers with transparent information about the real estate business.

Order ratio:

IVD members are committed to the association’s code of ethics only to act if they have an order from the owner or customer. The IVD recommends that all agreements between the client and the real estate agent be recorded in writing.

Consulting without time pressure:

A qualified broker is ready to take the time to deal with the concerns of his clients in his office or at home. He will never work towards a contract under time pressure, but allow the customer a detailed examination of the offer. A reputable broker will not object to the inclusion of outside help, such as an expert or lawyer. In addition, he will never convey a property without a viewing appointment. The advice should not only be done on the phone. The real estate agent should be on site so that the customer can visit him in his office.

Individual advice:

A professional broker talks with the client intensively about his personal wishes and needs as well as his economic situation before he makes a first suggestion. He will take all objections of the customer seriously and warn him of risks. In no case will he demand advance payments. The wishes of the customer cannot be answered on a flat rate with the reference to the Internet and the marketing through online portals. A good broker is able to give an accurate picture of the market situation. It will be its task to clearly specify the time periods for the completion of all formalities and the expected expense.

Appointments and further advice:

For the first time, sellers and buyers meet for the first time. Here, too, the different interests of the two parties are particularly clear. A professional real estate agent is on every visit. On-site, all important questions can be clarified particularly well. The knowledge of the property, the exact location of a property, the condition of the property, any necessary investments in the renovation or energetic improvement of property and answering the many questions about the specific property help both parties in the conclusion of the negotiations. A Toronto based real estate developer from has broken ground, he is working on The One which will be the tallest residential and retail tower in Canada, slated to be 308 meters tall and 85 stories high.