Answers To Why You Should Fight Your traffic ticket lawyer nassau county

You might wonder why you should fight your traffic ticket. There are a number of reasons. Some are better than others. Maybe you can win the battle, or maybe not. Still, it never hurts to give it a try. Sometimes you may legitimately not deserve the it. Other times, you may have deserved it, but there may be extenuating circumstances. So, go ahead and go for it.

traffic ticket lawyer nassau county

One reason to question a citation, and maybe get out of it, is that policemen are not infallible. They sometimes make mistakes. They may think you ran a stop sign, but you really didn’t. Or, they may interpret an attempt to avoid something in the road as reckless driving because you are swerving in the road.

Just as policemen are not infallible, equipment is not, either. Radar guns are much more accurate than they used to be, but still have been known to make mistakes. Since they are designed to detect speeds even a couple of miles over the limit, the calibration is even more vital, and may sometimes be off. Repeated violations can lead to higher insurance rates, and, if you have a number of them, even to suspension of the insurance policy. An increase in insurance can be costly over the long term. Also, suspension of insurance due to excess violations means you have to go with a substandard company that has a much higher premium.

Though maybe not a justification for a violation, there are extenuating circumstances that may warrant trying to get out of a ticket. If you have been late to work a number of times, and fear for the loss of your job, so are speeding. Maybe the baby got sick at the last minute, or a train delayed you, whatever reason, and you just felt you had to speed. Though maybe not justified, still the fine just may get dismissed.

You may be cited for expired tags or inspection stickers or some such. You know you are supposed to have them, but you didn’t have the funds and plan to get them on the next payday. This is a very real extenuating circumstance. If you get the required item, then go to court, you could possibly get it dismissed.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget when a tag or driver’s license is up for renewal, and you get stopped and cited. You didn’t intentionally mean to violate the law. Again, if you go ahead and take care of the matter, you might be able to go to court and get out of the fine.

Even if it is due to negligence and the ticket is justified, you still don’t want to have to pay a fine if it is possible to avoid it. Maybe you feel you learned your lesson and won’t repeat the offense. Or, maybe you just really feel the it was in error. Even if you wonder why you should fight your traffic ticket, you just may be successful, so go for it. However, be aware there could be unintended consequences if you fight your ticket. The Judge could adjudicate you, which means, find you guilty. If this happens, your car insurance could go up. Also, he could still send you to driving school. Just remember this when making your decision.

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