Tourism that takes you to another world filled with purity and serenity

Leh is a timeless beauty located in the northern periphery of India in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The magnificence of the Greater Himalayas, when backed by the peace-packed aura of Leh’s allure, equates into an unmatched topography that embraces a mystical feeling of purity and composure.

The rigid look of the brownish-gray sky touching mountains dedicate a magical charm into the surrounding environment with enchanting landscapes no less than something from a fairy tale.

Leh is popular for its rare camel with twin humps named Bactrian. It is also host to the highest bridge in the entire globe named Bailey bridge. And yes, the magnetic hill that pulls you upwards known as “Gravity Hill”.

Now let’s take a look at the treasures of this charismatic land.

List of places to visit in Leh

Leh Palace:

Leh Palace, also named as “Lhachen Palkhar” served as the royal palace for the kingdom of Leh with founder named Tsewang Namgyal in the year 1553.  The architectural resemblance of this palace comes from Potala Palace in Lhasa following the best example of Tibetan architecture of the medieval era.

When planning a vacation, opt for customizing itinerary that include Leh Palace in their itinerary.

Stok Palace:

Built in the year 1825, the Stok Palace presently serves as a place of residence for the descendants of the royal King Sengge Namgyal.

It represents a perfect cumulation of traditional as well as the contemporary style of architecture. The property houses numerous beautiful gardens along with a massive library that flaunts a huge collection of Kangyur, approximately 108 volumes.

Kangyur is Lord Buddha’s teaching compiled together in form of books. Every year the palace hosts a “Dance-Mask” based festival where locals participate in a huge number.

Hall of Fame:

When looking for packages, make sure their services include a trip to Hall of Fame. Located close to the Airfield at Leh, it is a museum which has been constructed and maintained by the Indian Army to serve as a memory for the martyrs of Indo-Pak war.

The museum houses information regarding the soldiers along with a souvenir shop. Hall of Fame has well-cared war artifacts like weapons along relevant documents. A second section of the museum is dedicated to “Siachen Glacier”.

Shanti Stupa:

A must included part of your itinerary should be the Shanti Stupa. This Chandspa based dome is known for the beautiful view it radiates with the white color looking mesmerizing in the moonlight.

This dome is a symbol of peace built by the Japanese Buddhists in order to celebrate Buddhism prevailing in the world for a term of 2500 years as well as for world peace promotion.

Dalai Lama inaugurated this pillar in the year 1985. The view of the sunrise, as well as sunset from this place, is beyond belief with such an eye-catching foreground.

Pangong Lake:

The sapphire blue water of Pangong lake houses a unique feature that has made it a must visit itinerary in Leh tour packages. The blue lake actually changes color throughout the year or even in a single day from a beautiful azure turning to light blue or green and sometimes even grey.

It is also a well-known location for numerous film shoots. Other than some crustaceans, the lake does not house any aquatic life as such. It is also home to a large variety of summer migrating birds which makes up for beautiful scenery with colorful birds flying in the sky. Apart from being a haven for birds, Pangong is also home to Marmot and Kiang breed.

Tso Moriri Lake:

Tso Moriri is house to a vast variety of bird species which includes Brahmin duck, brown-headed gull, great-crested grebe, and bare-headed goose. One can find the Himalayan hares in abundance in this territory. It is surrounded by high mountain peaks giving it the tag of “mountain lake”.

It is also a twin to famous Pangong Tso Lake. However, it is less crowded than Pangong providing a better location to relax while enjoying the scenic beauty of the place.

Khardung La Pass:

The Khardung La Pass acts as a passage to the famous Shyok and Nubra valleys located in the Ladakh area of the state Jammu and Kashmir. The pass holds true to the claim of being “World’s Highest Motorable Pass”.

  • It is located at a height of 5,602 meters. The pollution free air in this area along with the mesmerizing beauty creates a feeling of intense satisfaction and peace. It has been a famous tourist attraction for a couple of years now.

Magnetic Hill:

The Magnetic Hills is located in the terrain of Ladakh which is about 30km away from Leh. The mystery behind this place is the illusion of your vehicle defying the gravitational force which seems like you are moving upwards even when you are parked in a certain location.

This might be an optical illusion or an actual magnetic pull by the Earth. The reason behind the same is unknown but it sure attracts a lot of tourists.

Nubra Valley:

With a hint of greenery, the Nubra valley is located at an elevation which is about 3000 meters lower than the Leh area. The valley is surrounded by Karakoram Range and two rivers. The place is filled with Alfalfa and Sea buckthorns. During the summer seasons, the entire valley fills up with yellow and pink roses followed by wild lavender flowers in the autumn.

Maitreya Buddha:

Located near the Nubra valley, the Maitreya monastery flaunts a beautifully constructed statue of Lord Jampa Buddha.

This monastery is highly appreciated for its beautiful architecture with the statue that sits at 32 meters height. The statue is constructed out of gold that was donated by major monastery heads in the nearby area. The central idea of the monastery is the promotion of peace.

Leh is a place that houses lush greenery with mountain peaks that are high enough to seem like you can touch the sky. For adventure enthusiasts, Leh provides options for mountain biking, river rafting, mountaineering, and many others. So why not place it top on your list of places to visit during the holidays.